Howe Family Record

There is nothing on these pages to indicate when they were
written. However, the paper is of the 19th-century kind,
and it appears that all entries were made at the same time,
putting the date after the last date listed -- 1848. It appears
that the paper was made by or for Hannah Howe, since a
lot of the entries mention her.

Artemas Howe, Sophia and others in the family are found in
the Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts 1860 federal census
as follows:

425 515
Artemes Howe 63 M Farmer
Sophia " 58 F
Louisa " 31 F
Laura " 15 F
George Howe 23 M Farmer
Ellen " 19 F
Angeline Upton 16 F Domestic

All were born in Massachusetts except for the servant, who was born
in Cork County, Ireland.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


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Family Record

Artemas Howe and Sophia M. Wetherell were married Jan 1st 1823

Milton Hall and Hannah Howe were married May 10th 1848

George Cutler and Amelia B. Howe were married Oct 19th 1848


Amelia B. Howe was born Sep. 29 1823
Charles S. Howe was born Feb. 12 1825
Hannah Howe was born Dec. 30 1826
Albina L. Howe was born Aug. 24 1828
Eliphalet H. Howe was born July 28 1830
Charlotte M. Howe was born Feb. 23 1832
Adam Howe was born March 21 1833
Charlotte M. Howe was born Sep. 24 1835
George W. Howe was born Sep. 27 1837
Julia Ann H. Howe was born Sep. 10 1839
Emery A. and Edwin L. Howe was born Nov. 27 1842
Laura D. Howe was born May 17 1845

Charlotte Maria Howe died March 4 1832 ag 10 days
Hannah Howe wife of Eliphalet Howe died Sep 1798
Eliphalet Howe Grandfather to Hannah Howe died Dec 3 1834
Ag 73
George Wetherell Grandfather to Hannah Howe died Oct 29 1828
Ag 6?
Amelia Wetherell wife of George Wetherell died Oct. 6 1822 Ag 62

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Levina Wetherell was born July 16 1784
Benjamin B. Wetherell was born Aug. 14 1786
George Wetherell was born Jan. 9 1798 [maybe 1789? looks like an error TSC]
Amelia C. Wetherell was born March 21 1791
Joshua W. Wetherell was born Aug 11 1793
Benjamin B. Wetherell was born Dec. 2 1795
Joseph D. Wetherell was born June 9 1798
Sophia M. Wetherell was born Aug 9 1802

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