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HOWELL Family Bible

Submitted October 12, 1998 by:
Cornelia Warner
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Surnames in this file: Howell, Harries, Thomas.

New Bible; (published in 1630)
[written on the page preceding the book of Matthew (to the best of my ability)]


my uncle James Howell g-- -- - - 4300?
father's Bible

Caripater peto? mijererer? jana vil} Thomas Howell
mori jine? jhaehoua? mi Juva me } [the ae is an old Latin one]

[sideways is written;] J a; Evnoss/Eunoys

[in back of Bible, on the blank sheets, is written]

Thomas Howell his book written by
James Howell

Humphrey Howell Senior 3rd of June 1655
Howell Junior 6th of Febry 1621
[blank] of January 1646
Elizabeth Howell 23rd of October 1647
Humphrey Howell 7th of Jun 1649
Thomas Howell 29th Septr. 1650
Rachel Howell 11th March 1651
Charles Howell 28th April 1654
Mary Howell 22d. October 1656
Humphrey Howell Junior 18th Novr. 1670
Charles Howell 11th Febry 1670
Thomas Howell 1st May 1671

Thomas Howell my brother Humphrey his son\
9th May 1676 and Christened the 14th May./

Thomas Howell was Married to Anne Thomas the
8th day of October 1686 at [blank]

Humphrey Howell my son was born the 25th of July \
1688 being Wednesday and was Baptized the 29th of July/

Elizabeth Howell my Daughter born the 11th day of Septr. 1690\
being Thursday Baptized the 14th day of the same month /

Mary my Daughter born 3rd of Septr. 1693 being Sunday\
and Baptized the 7th day of September at Llethormoel /

My Uncle James Howell of Llethermoel Drowned in the River
Padawole the 11th day of October 1679 and buried the 15th october

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Gwonllyan Howell my Mother died the 2d of November 1684
and buried the 5th of Novr.

Rachel Howell my Daughter born at Trvallypwll the 21st\
day of May 1697 and Christened the 23rd of May being |-
Whitsunday /

Benjamin Howell my son born at Brynykirch the 24th \
day of September 1700 and Christened the 15th day of Septr/

My wife miscarried the 26th of April 1704 the 2nd time


my Daughter born at Brynykirch the \
25th of June 1705 and Baptized the 29th of June /

Mary Howell the wife of Rees Harries of Treleised/Trelewed died the 9th\
of April 1708 buryed in St. Peter's Church in Carmanthen the |-
12th of April She was born 22d of October 1656 Seebefae/Soebefae? /

Humphrey Howell Died the 20 of September 1711 about 3\
Hours before day he was born the 7th of Jun 1649 vide|_
Humphrey [blank] Humphrey was buried |
the Second of October 1711 [blank] /

Humphrey Howell my son died the 15th day of april 1712 \
at Pante in Newchurch parish in David Thomas's house |
he was born the 25th of June 1688 vide [blank] and he |-
was Buried in the parish Church of Conwil the 18th of april |
1712 /

Thomas Howell of Brynykirch died the 29th of May 1717 \
about 3 Hours before Night. he was born the 29th of Septr.|-
1650 he was Buryed the 3rd of June 1717 /
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Benjamin Howell youngest son of the aforesaid Thos. \
Howell died in the River (by Swimming) between Gwilly|_
snd towy on Midsummer Evening 1720 and he was buried |
the next day /

[the rest of this page and all following pages are blank]

Is this for real? You bet! It's a wonderful old treasure. Hope someone
finds their ancestor's here. They aren't mine, unfortunately, nor the owner's.

original Bible
Cornelia Warner
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Barbara Fenenga
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