Hughes Bible

These pages were separated from the Bible, so the
date of the Bible is unknown. I would estimate them
as early 19th century.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


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[Page One -- Marriages]

Theophilus Hughes married to Lydia Westcott July 16th
AD 1797

Ellis Hughes married to Catharine McAnderrough 1827
November 11th [October 14th scratched out]

William C. Hughes married to Mary Ann Crofs

[Page Two -- Births]

Theophilus Hughes Born 29th July AD 1776

Lydia Hughes Born September 6th 1777

Susannah Hughes Born August 3rd 1798

Ellis Hughes Born Sept. 15th 1800

William Claten Hughs Born January 18th 1803

Hiram Hughs Born April 6th 1805

Elizabeth Westcott Hughes Born August 19th 1807

T. Grant Hughes Born May 2nd 1811

Harriet Hughs Born June 12th 1813

John Hughs Born December 6th 1815

Sarah Hughes Born May 1st 1820

Ann Eliza Hughes Daughter of Ellis & Catharine Hughes Born
the 14th of October 1828

Henry B. Hughes Son of the same Born 19th July 1830

Margaret R. Hughes Daughter of Wm Hughes Born 4th
April 1830, Lydia Hughs Daughter of Wm Hughs Born June 27th 1831

Mary Hughes Daughter of Ellis and Catharine Hughes Born
July 23rd 1832

Whilldin Hughes son of the same Born 4 of December 1834-1834

Grant Hughes Son of Ellis and Catharine Born June 10th 1838

Joseph W. Hughes Son of the same Born September 17th 1840

[Page Three -- Births]

Catharine Hughes the Wife of Ellis Hughes Born January 1st 1809

Sarah Steel Daughter of William and Susana Steel Born April 6th 1837

Charles H. Hildebrand Born Nov. 17 1889 [Sept. scratched out]

Grace Ethel Hildebrand Born Jan. 20 1892

Robert Elwood Hildebrand Born Feb. 5. 1915.

Quinton Rehmejer Hildebrand Born Oct 16, 1922

Orvilla Virginia Harris Born September 4th 1847

John A. Harris Born March 12th 1851

[Page Four -- Deaths]

Hiram Hughes Drownded in Culley's falls in the river
Susquehanna on the 5th Day of May AD 1827 found on
fryday 18th and Buried Saturday 19th.

John Hughs Died Sept. 19th 1828

Ann Eliza Hughes Daughter of Ellis & Catharine Hughes Died
4th of August 1830

Henry B. Hughes Son of Ellis & Catharine Hughes Died 9th of
September 1831

Lydia Hughes Daughter of Wm Hughes Died 18th November 1831

Theophilus Hughes Died August 28th 1839

Sarah Hughes Died September 16th 1839

Catharine Hughes wife of Ellis Hughes died September 14th 1844 in Seneca
County near the Town of Tiffin in the State of Ohio

Mary Hughes Daughter of Ellis Hughes Died at Wrightsville York
County on Sunday 29th March 1846

Harriet Harris wife of John Harris Died March 19th 1857 at
Elk Grove, Wisconsin Buried on Brother De Section [??] grave
yard at Elk Grove

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