Hughes Bible Pages

These pages were donated by Cheryl Needle of Pepperell, Massachusetts.

These pages were pulled from a family Bible, so I cannot determine the
publication date with certainty. The pages look mid-19th century -- the
late 19th century ones usually have some color -- but these dates start
in 1876. I think the Bible predates the earliest entry, which is unusual.
Most people record the events that they know of when they obtain the

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


-----------------TRANSCRIPT STARTS-----------------

[Page One -- Marriage Certificate]

This certifies that the rite of Holy Matrimony was celebrated
between Rufus W. Hughes of Woodstock, Conn.
and Maggie Newell of Webster, Mass.
on November 20th 1876 at Putnam, Conn.
by Mr. Rev. Vigain
Witness: Jerry Disotette
Jular Laraway

[Page Two -- Marriages]

Mary E. Hughes to Edmond Basselou in the year October 2nd

Frederick H. Hughes to Florence G. Gardiner in Year of February
3d 1902

Josephine E. Hughes To Frank D. Willard in the year of March
4th 1909

Son Nevell N. Willard Born Aug 25 1911

Mary Hughes Basselou to Edwin Hammond in the year of August
5 1905

Georganna Hammond
Daughter Mary Hammond
Chester L. Hammond
Son Mary Hammond

Mary Hammond to Wm. J. Caulkins 1924

Rufus A. Hughes
Edith L. Windmiller March 22 1913

[Page Three -- Births]

Fredrick H. Hughes Born in the year of Febuary [sic] 20th 1880
Woodstock Conn.

Rufus A. Hughes Born in the year of April 2nd 1888
Juette City Conn.

Herbert L. Hughes Born in the year of Sept 13th 1904
son of F. H. H.

Henry F. Hughes Born in the year of July 9th 1907
son of FHH

Mary E. Hughes Born in the year of November 28th 1877
Woodstock, Conn.

Gertrude E. Hughes Born in the year of Febuary [sic]
11th 1885 Woodstock Conn.

Josephine E. Hughes Born in the year of May 25th 1890
Putnam Conn.

Dorithy V. Hughes Born in the year of January 25th 1903
Daugh of F.H.H.

Frank Henry Hughes Born Jan. 1914 Son of Rufus A.

[Page Four -- Deaths]

Gurtrud Edith Hughes died in the year of Febuary [sic]
12th 1885 Woodstock Conn.

Herbert L. Hughes died in the year of October 8th 1904.
W. Thompson Conn. Son of F.H.H.

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