Humphreys Bible


Humphreys Family Bible

Submitted Wed May 21 1997 by:
Hub J. Baker
2757 Dunlevy Street
Victoria, BC
V8R 5Z4

A photocopy of a page out of Thomas Humphreys bible recording his marriage in the Parish
of Denbigh, Wales in 1828 and the births of several of their children in the following years.
We have no blood relationship with Thomas Humphreys. An aunt of my wife married a
Humphreys. To the best of our knowledge, nobody in her immediate family has done
research on the family. I will be pleased to make enquiries on behalf of anyone who is
researching this family. We do have some knowledge of Thomas' participation in the
Crimean War through a diary we have in hand. We also have some knowledge of later
generations who taght school in England and emigrated to Edmonton about the turn of this
century. Hub J Baker.

Surnames Found in this record:
MOD[---?] (clergy)
PERCY (clergy)
ROBERTS (clergy)

Thos Humphreys, was married to Ann his Wife,
Feby 29th 1828 at the Hillarys Chapel in the Parish of Denbigh.

Mary Green Humphreys the Daughter of the Above
was Born Saturday May 3rd 182[?] about 6 Clock in the afternoon.

Thos Humphreys the son of the Above was born on
Sunday June 27th 1830 at half 11 Clock
in the morning. Baptized by Rev D. Roberts.

Ann Humphreys the daughter of the Above was
born on Sunday June the 22nd 1834 at 4 Clock
in the Morning. Baptized by Rev William Mod{---?]

Margeret Humphreys was Born
Monday June 13th ..5 Clock in the Morning.

Elizabeth Humphreys was Born
June 13th 6 Clock in the Morning
Baptized by [F?] Percy 8.3.6

[There is at least one more entry, but impossible to read because the page is torn/missing]