Hunt Bible

This Bible record was transcribed from Kentucky Records, Early
Wills and Marriages, Old Bible Records and Tombstone Inscriptions
Volume Two, Mrs. William Breckenridge Ardery (Julia Spencer
Ardery), 1932, pp 200-1.


Below this line, verbatim from source.

(From copy owned by Harvey Rogers, Paris, Ky.)

*John Hunt was born September 19th, 1748, and died May 7th, 1829, of cholera, in Fayette County.
Margaret Wilson Hunt, his wife, was born. April 1st, 1757.
Ages of their children:
Nancy Hunt was born January 25, 1775, and married Peter Daniels.
James Hunt was born April 12th, 1777, and died December 8th,1829.
Wilson Hunt was born December 15th, 1779, and died January 25th, 1840.
Sarah Hunt was born December 15 1783, and married Morgan Bryan.
Polly Hunt was born January 1st, 1785.
Jonathan Hunt was born November 18th, 1788, and died May 7th, ___.
Noah Hunt was born October 3rd, 1792, and died July 9th at half past 2 o'clock A. M., 1849.
Peggy Hunt was born January 31st, 1797.
Marriages of Fayette Co., Ky., Book 1, pg. 16: James McClelland to Polly Hunt.

*CoI John Hunt, born N. J.; lived during Revolution in N. C. and Ky.