Hunt Bible

This record was published in the New York Genealogical and
Biographical Record
, Vol 14, No. 3, July, 1923, p 252-3.


----------------Everything below is verbatim from source------------


Hunt--Storms--Requa--Haight--Gedney, Christophers, Mumford--Thatcher,
Purdy, Shurger--Shurrager, Lawrence, Matteson, Horton, Woolsey, Budd--
Fowler, Griffin--Angevine--Hatfield--Horton--Fisher

Contributed From Various Sources

Arranged and Edited by John R. Totten.


Ages of William Hunt's Family

[a] William Hunt was born August 10th, 1737.
[b] Mary Storms was born November 6th, 1746.
[a, b] Wm. Hunt and Mary Storms was married April the 8th, 1766.
[c] Our Daughter Mary was born December 23, 1768.
[d] Our Son William was born February 23, 1770.
[e] Ann Oakley [wife of William Hunt, Junior] born April 9th, 1775.
[c] Our Daughter Mary married to William Requa the 16th of December, 1790.
Her son Thomas Hall Requa was born September the 13th, 1791.
Her son William Alexander Requa was born August the 18th, 1794.
Her Daughter Carlinne Requa born August 14th, 1800.
[a] William Hunt [Senior] Died August 20th, 1801.
[b] Mary [Storms] Hunt, Died July 31st, 1805.
[d, e] Wm. Hunt and Ann Oakley married March 9th, 1800.
[f] Her Daughter Maria, born January 24, 1802.
Her Daughter Sally, Born March 11th, 1803. Died October 31st, 1803.
Her Son William, Born May 17th, 1804, and Died June 10th, 1805.
[g] Her Daughter Ann Eliza, December 31st, 1807.
[h] Her Daughter Jane, Born June 12th, 1809.
[i] William Alexander, born March 29th, 1812.
[f] Maria married the 22nd of October, 1823 [to Epenetus Haight]
Mary Ann Haight was born December the 30th, 1826.
[g] Ann Eliza married December 22nd, 1830 [to Bartholomew Gedney]
[h] Jane married --? [Jane Hunt died unmarried July 22, 1893].
Ann Augusta Gedney, Born the 8th of October, 1831.
[i] William Alexander Married --?
John Gedney Born the 22 of October, 1834.
(sgd) Elizabeth Gesner (Horton) Coles [Mrs. Selleck Everett Coles]
Mamaroneck Avenue, Mamaroneck, New York.

* The Bible from which the above quoted family records were copied was published
in 1739 in London, England, and was originally the Family Bible of William Hunt of
Tarrytown, in the town of Greenburgh, Westchester County, N.Y. Greenburgh was
formerly a part of Philipse Manor and was known as Philipsburgh. The Bible came
down to William Hunt, Junior, son of the first owner, and then to Ann Eliza Hunt
(daughter of William Hunt, Junior), who married Bartholomew Gedney of White
Plains on Dec. 22, 1830. Gedney Hall the homestead of Bartholomew and Ann Eliza
(Hunt) Gedney was destroyed by fire in the spring of 1898, but the Hunt Bible, then
in the possession of Batholomew Gedney, Junior, was saved and about that time was
given to the present owner, Elizabeth Gesner (Horton) Coles, wife of Selleck Everett
Coles, who is a grand-daughter of the late Bartholomew Gedney, Senior, and a
daughter of his daughter Mary Elizabeth Gedney who married William Horton, also
of White Plains.