Ingelhart Bible


The Ingelhart Bible

Submitted November 5 1996 by:
Pr W. Raymond Cummins
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There follows a transcription of the Xerox copy of the "Hopkins Family MG 25 G57" file copied July 15 1996 and sent to me from the National Archives of Canada which I received July 27 1996.

The first sheet in the file is as follows:
69/ 253
HOPKINS-INGLEHART FAMILY, 1745-1952. 21 pages.
Xerox and photostat copies of some birth, marriage and death records of the Hopkins and Inglehart families of Ontario for the period 1745-1952. made in 1969 from originals lent for copying by Mrs. Pamela Hopkins of Ottawa."

There appears to be 6 separate records here.

The first record of 4 pages I label "The Ingelhart Bible".
[see INGELHRT.tba]

The second record of 4 pages I label "Abner Griffis Hopkins Record".
[see HOPKINS.tba]

The third record of 4 pages I label "Ephraim Hopkins Record".
[see HOPKINS.tba]

The fourth record of 4 pages I label "Everitt Bible."
[see EVERITT.tba]

The fifth record of 4 pages I label "Ephraim Hopkins Bible".
[see HOPKINS.tba]

The sixth record of 6 pages I label "The Unknown Bible".

The last two records are double copies so the page total does indeed equal 21 as suggested in the archival sheet.

W. R. Cummins
July 29 1996

[Transcribed by Murray R Cummins July 2 1977.
Copied by W. Raymond Cummins.
The first page is a positive photocopy of a small sheet of paper.]

Surnames in this record:

On the first page of this Bible is written:

"Mary Ingelhart's Book, presented to her by her Mother, Mary Fisher in the year of our Lord 1830."

[Mary Ingelhart was called "Polly". Her Father was Herman Fisher
and her Mother was Mary Cline. They are buried at Vineland, Ont.]

(page 2)


Peter Ingelhart Married to Murry Fisher May 29th 1820.
Peter Inglehart Died Aug 14 1871.
Mary Inglehart Died Dec 19th 1884.

This is Father's writing. Mary Inglehart was his Grandmother.

[The last line is in different hand.]

(Page 3)


Peter Ingelhart was born October 3rd 1793.
Mary Fisher was born September 11th 1800. <--- Polly [in margin]
John Hermon Ingelhart was born March 20th 1821.
Henry Ingelhart was born February 25th 1823.
Maria Ingelhart was born March 28th 1826.
Andrew Cline Ingelhart was born December 23rd 1828.
Silvester Ingelhart was born June 7th 1830.
Ester Ann Ingelhart was Born November 11th in the year of our Lord --- 1832.
<--- married Abner Griffin Hopkins Nov 7, 1855 [in margin].

Susanna Ingelhart was born May 18th, 1835 ---.
Peter Harvey Ingelhart Was born January the 12th, 1838.
William Alfred Ingelhart was born october the 26th ---- [year missing].
Mary Elizabeth Ingelhart was born June the 24? 1842.
Jacob Fisher Ingelhart was born December the 18th 1845?

(page 4)


Maria Ingelhart Died August 22nd 1829.
Andrew Cline Ingelhart Died August 23rd Anno Domini 1829.
Susanna Ingelhart Died March the 9? 1837.
Peter Harvey Ingelhart died July the 21th 1838.

These children buried at Nelson United Church cemetery.

[The last line is in a different hand writing.]