Josselyn Bible

The Holy Bible: Containing the Old and New Testaments,
Boston, C. Ewer and T. Bedlington, 1827. Hills #582.

Daniel Josselyn's family owned this Bible,
his parents'
is also in my possession. It is in good condition, with
the covers detached but the pages complete, bright and
in good condition.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


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[Page One -- Front Flyleaf]

Deborah Jofselyn her Bible

Deborah Jofselyn her Bible
Given her By Daniel Jofselyn
Bought December 25th 1827 Price $4-25

[Page Two -- Family Record Marriage]

Daniel Jofselyn & Deborah Dammon
Married June 26th 1827

Daniel Jofselyn May 18 1800 June 18 1887
Deborah Jofselyn Dec 9 1801 July 29 1889
Isaac Jofselyn Nov 11 1828 Sep. 6 1862
Daniel Jofselyn Jr Feb 17 1831 Feby 16th 1834
Marcus Jofselyn Novr 18 1832 Feby 15th 1834
Deborah Maria Jofselyn June 14 1835
Joseph William Jofselyn June 28 1837 Oct. 21. 1868
Betsey Jane Jofselyn June 29 1839 Jan. 12 1901
Marcus Morton Jofselyn July 23rd 1841

[Page Three -- Family Record Children's Marriages]

Marcus M. Josselyn of Pembroke
Maria Antoinette Bearce of Hanson
December 8, 1872
by Rev. S. L. Rockwood of Hanson

Betsey Jane Josselyn of Pembroke
Charles P. Lyon of Halifax
December 7, 1887
by Rev. J. Baker of So. Weymouth

[Page Four -- Family Record Marriage]


Child of
Marcus M. & M. A. Josselyn

Grace Morton Josselyn May 10, 1874 May 14, 1888

---------------END TRANSCRIPT----------------