Keener Bible


Keener Family Bible

Submitted Jan 19, 1998 by:
Gladys Armstrong
P.O. Box 771, Baker, La. 70704

A lot of this bible is missing.

Surnames found in this record:

John Henry, son of A. and Catherine was born on----Dec. 1837

Martha Jane was born on the 22 day of June 1842

Mattie was born 27 March 1851

Joseph Chapman was born 27 day of March 1851

Emaline was born the 7th day of March 1854

Sally Catherine was born the 11th day of June 1857

Emma Orlean Atkinson was born on 18 Non 1862, daughter of Robert and Martha
Jane Atkinson

Jodie Keener Jackson born 9 Jan 1878

Robert Wheeler Jackson born 27 Sept 1881

[The following was written on margins:]

Mary Ann Keener, daughter of C. Keener was born 22 June 1842

Joseph Atkinson son of Robert and Martha Jane Atkinson died 13 Sept 1868

Robert Atkinson died 21 Oct. 1878

J. T. Jackson died 18 Nov. 1862