King Bible


King Family Bible

Submitted November 1997 by:
Janet King Bower
14425 116th Ave Court East
Puyallup, WA 98374-3502

Original James King Bible in possession of Lon Eric Baldwin, Kearney, Missouri 64060, In 1997. Transcript from
reproduction copies of original. Several lines have been written on and then scratched out with a pen that are shown
with an "X"

Surnames in Bible:

[BIBLE is an inexpensive one - 7 « x 4 1/2]

The Old and New Testaments
American Bible Society

[Page 1]

Nothing may be added to the word. CHAP.XXII
[This area is the scriptureal End of Chapter 22 of the Book of Revelation of the American Bible Society BIBLE.]

John A King Died April the 29th Day 1900.

Sarah King Died Oct 17 1914.

James F. King Died May 12, 1915.

[Page 2]

[Too faint to be Decipherable]

Jacob M. King died Nov the 10th 1883.

Barzillah King Died March the 17th 1871.

Louisa Teague Died August the 15th 1883.

Jacob M. King Died Nov the [..?] [..?]

[Page 3]

James King Son to John King & Elizabeth his wife was born November third in the year 1796.
Barzillah Gordon daughter to John Gordon & Barzillah his wife was born February 18th XX 1799.

[Page 4]

[This page is a mirror image of Page across from page 5. Blotting of ink due to dampness or other causes.]

[Page 5]

Martin King Son to James King & Barzillah His wife was born July 9th 1820.

Constant Garret King Son To James King & Barzillah his wife was born Sept 10th 1821.

Louisa Jean King daughter to James King & Barzillah his wife was bornd August the 16th 1823.

Augustin Moor King Son to James & Barzillah his wife was bornd July the 9th day 1825.

[Page 6]

James Franklin King son to James King was Borne November 19, 1836.

[Page 7]

Alvis Martin King Son to James King & Barzillah his wife was Born June the 22th day XX 1827.

Martha Caroline King daughter to James King & Barzillah his wife was Bornd July 13th day 1829.

Albert Hill King Son to James King & Barzillah his wife was Bornd Oct XX 30 May in the year of 1831.


[Page 8]

Cure for Croup
Take about a leacup full
of chamber lie and warm
it and rub alum in it
Till it crudles.

[Page 9]

Constant G. King was Bornd September the 10 day 1821 and Deceast this life Day January the 29 1843.

John W. King Son XX XXX to Constant G. King was borne August 19th 1842.

[Page 10]

Louisa Jane King daughter To Augustin M. King was born March 22 1842.

James H Martin King was Born May [.?] 1850.

Martha Ann King daughter to Augustin M King was born August 3 1852.

XXX John Gu?mon [..?..] Edgar County, [..?..] Vermillion [.?] Post Office in Ill

[Page 11]

[Six lines of writing
crossed off.]

Alvis M. King was married in the year 1846 in February XXX
Xxunreadable XXX

[Page 12]

Mahalah Ann Teague daughter to Jacob Teague was Born December 16th 1841.

Martha Jean Teague Was born November 2 day 1843.

Barzillah C. Teague.

George M. Teague was borne March 6th 1847.

James M. Teague was Borne Oct. 18th 1849.

[Page 13]

Lydia Ann Teague was Born June 11th 1850.

Sarah Elizabeth Teague was born April 23th 1852 [..?]

Louisa J. Teague was born Dec 8 1858.

Walter F. King
Son to Jacob M. King
Was Born March the
Born Sept 27 day 1845 12th 1882 and Died
June the 18th 1886 aged
4 ys 3 m & 6 days.

[Page 14]

James Alvis Evans Son to John Evans was born August 18th 1850.

Frances Hortense Evans was Born August 12th 1852.

Revelations ?? 20th chapter ?
??? 6th, ??
??? Word Son of
???? ???? ????
[Rest of page is torn off.]

[Page 15]
William F. King son to Alvis M. King was born Feb 10th day 1847.

James Albert King son to Alvis M. King was born December 11th day XXX 1848.

John Wesly King son to Alvis M. King was born March 28th 1851.

George W. King Son to Alvis M. King was born Novem 22th 1853.

[Page 16]

Constant G. King [..?] Deceasd January 29 day 1848.

Barzillah King Disseased this life March the 17th 1871.

James King Disseast this life March the 25th 1882 aged 85 years & 4 month & 22 Days.