Lee Bible



Submitted June 19, 1996 by :
JoLee Gregory Spears

Coded by Gwen Oliver June 20, 1996

Surnames in this record:

Lee records copied from bible records of Mr. Willie Bigger of Lunenburg County, Virginia, November 16th, 1938. Copied by R.L. Wallace


Mrs. Tabitha Gunn died the 6th day of January 1863.

Tabitha E. Lee died the 24th of December 1863.

Elvira Adaline Lee died October 18th, 1868.

Saml Houston Lee died November 17th, 1874.

William E. Lee died April 5th 1886.

S. Booker Lee died March 2nd, 1890 age 80 years 6 months & 5 days.

Sallie G. Lee died May 23rd, 1892 age 59 yrs 9 mo.7 days.

Samuel E. Lee died June 5th, 1895, age 85 years 4 months and 2 days.

Capt. Edward Lee died October 28th 1843 age 64 years 5 mo. & 28 days,

his wife

Mrs. Elizabeth Lee died November 25th 1853 age 74 yrs. 2 days.

G. Henderson Lee died November 5th, 1864.