Lincoln Bible

This was submitted by Lois Branch .

My neighbor owns this very old Bible. He was kind enough to let me copy the handwriting in it and though I am no relation to the Lincoln family, I thought it might help someone in their genealogical research.
Warm Regards,
Lois Branch
Troutdale, OR"



The Bible was published in Boston, by Joseph Teal, 1822.
It is very large and weighs a ton. My neighbor inherited it from his Aunt Tillie who was married to Charles Lincoln.

The family page lists:
Isaac Lincoln married Mary Foster at Brewster Dec 15th 1807
Mary Lincoln born Brewster Nov 2, 1808
Isaac Lincoln Jr. born Wiscossett May __ 1813
Susannah Lincoln born Wiscossett March 14, 1815
Thankful F. Lincoln born Wiscossett July 11, 1814
Foster Lincoln born Wiscossett June 23, 1820
Hannah M. Lincoln born Wiscossett Dec. 28, 1822
Elisha Lincoln born Wiscossett ___3, 1827
Nathaniel Lincoln born Wiscossett ___ 7, 1829
Capt. Isaac Lincoln died Jan 7th 1842, Aged 58
Capt. Isaac Lincoln died Oct 1843 Aged 70 yers
Mary died _____________ Aged 84