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Linton Bible Records

Submitted May 2 1998 by:
Esther Reese Newman


Note from Esther: The records as copied below are in the form of a letter which was addressed to my great-grandmother, Mrs. Cora Peterson, Lumberton, Ohio, Clinton Co., postmarked from Wilmington, OH, February, 1895. Across one end of the envelope is written: "If not delivered in 10 Da. Return to Lock box #23, Wilmington, Ohio." The information was taken from the Bibles of David Linton and Seth and Ann Linton.

One such account reads: "Copied out of Uncle David's Bible that belongs to Cousin Allen on buck run Clinton Co. Ohio Earl Janney [letter to Cora reads Tanney], his son Lord Linton, his sons Sir Roger James and John who was borned in England Cumberland County in the year 1663 and married in Friends Meeting London 1691 to Rebecca Relf of London who was born in that city on 31st of 3rd month 1672."

The other account is from Seth and Ann Linton's Bible which is described as "Holy Bible, dark brown, scuffed, hinge repaired; 81/2"x10"x31/2"; first leaves missing. New Testament, printed and sold by Isaac Collins, Trenton 1791. Original owners, Seth and Ann Linton; present owner, Fred W. Linton, Wilmington, Ohio. [No date as to when Fred owned it.] Inside cover has this written, "Note the following dates is according to what is called New Stile 1795". [I've no idea where the Bible is now. Note that Elizabeth is consistently spelled Elizzabeth in the letter. It is spelled with one z in the other two transcriptions.]

Surnames found in this record:

[The letter to my great-grandmother, Cora Peterson, which is the same as the other two accounts except where I've made notations, reads as follows:]

Copied from old records:

Earl Tanney his son, Ld. [two dots under Ld.] Linton his sons, Sir Roger, James, and John who was born in England Cumberland county in the year 1663 and married in Friends meeting London A D 1691 to Rebecca Relf of London who was born in that city on the 31st of the 3rd month 1672. They emigrated with Penn to America and landed in the wilderness on the western shore of the Delaware where the city of Philadelphia now stands.
Benjamin Linton [b. in Philadelphia], son of John & Rebecca Linton was born the 10th of the 6th month 1703.
Elizzabeth White Daughter of William and Sarah White was born the 9th of the 9 month 1705.
Benjamin Linton & Elizzabeth were married the 25th of the 3rd month 1727.
John Linton, son of Benjamin & Elizzabeth Linton was born the 26th of the 12 month 1727.
Martha Linton was born the 15th of the 11th month 1729.
Mary Linton was born the 16th of the 12 month 1731.
Elizzabeth Linton, wife of Benjamin Linton died 26th of the 1st month 1732 & Mary, her daughter the 27th of the 1st month and were both buried the 28th of the 1st month 1732.
Jane Cowgal was born the 3rd of the 7th month 1708.
Benjamin Linton & Jane Cowgal his second wife were married the 30th of the 4th mo. 1732. ["Records of Chesterfield Friends Meeting 1682 - 1845" says Jane Cowgill (d. Ralph) and Benjamin Linton, Apr. 19, 1733. "New Jersey Marriages, 1665-1800, Chesterfield Friends Marriage Records" p. 675: Jane Cowgill to Benjamin
Linton, 19th 2nd mo. 1733". (Using the old calendar, 2nd mo. would be April.)]

Their Children:
Lucia Linton was born the 22nd of the 4 month 1734.
Benjamin Linton Jr. was born the 21st of the 2nd month 1736.
Joshua Linton was born the 22nd of the 1st month 1738.
Sarah Linton was born the 14th of the 9th month 1739. died 30th of 12th mo 1747. aged Eight years three months and sixteen days.
Samuel Linton was born the 17th of the 12 month 1741.
Jane Linton Jr. was born the 12th of the 10th month 1743
Daniel Linton was born the 16th of the 7th mo. 1746. died the 22nd of 5 mo. 1814. age upward of 67 yrs.
Hezekiah Linton was born the 4th of the 12th month 1748.
Benjamin Linton, sen. Died the 25th of the 1st mo. 1773. aged above 69 yr. [One account says he died the 28th of 10th month 1791 aged above 83 years. Quite a stretch from the letter! Could it be that whoever transcribed this record skipped to Jane Linton's death. Her death wasn't recorded in this account.]
Jane Linton second wife of Benjamin Linton sen. Died the 28th of the 10 mo. 1791. aged above 88 years.
Joshua Linton died the 25th of the 3rd mo. 1807 aged upward of 69 years.
Benjamin Linton Jr. died the 2nd of the 6th month 1809. aged 73. yr.

Samuel Linton son of Benjamin & Jane Linton was born the 17th of the 12th month 1741.
Elizzabeth Harvey wife of above Samuel Linton was born the 8th of the 3rd mo. 1748.
Samuel Linton & Elizzabeth Harvey was married the 10th of the 5th mo. 1775.

Children of the above Samuel & Elizzabeth Linton:
Samuel Linton Jr. was born the 18th of the 5th month 1776. Died 27th of 3rd mo. 1786, aged 10 yrs. 4 mo. & 9 da.
[Dates don't work out according to age at death.]
Nathan Linton was born the 17th of the 1st month 1778.
David Linton was born the 27th of the 1st month 1781.
Jane Linton & her twin sister Elizzabeth Linton was born the 8th of 5th mo. 1786.
James Linton was born the 10th of the 3rd mo. 1789.
Elizzabeth Linton wife of Samuel Linton died the 12th of the 4th mo. 1796. aged above 48 yr.
Samuel Linton died the 27th of 4 mo. 1823 aged 81 yrs. 4 mo. & 10 da.
Lucia Linton was married to Jesper Terry & died the 2nd of 3rd mo. 1818. aged 83 yr. 10 mo. & 10 da. [One account says she married Joseph Terry, and the other says "Joshua (?)" Terry.]
Jane Linton Jr. was married to Wm Satterthwait & died the 3rd of 3rd mo 1824. [This may be incorrect according to Beers "History of Clinton County, OH, p. 548. Jane married Jesse Arnold, and Elizabeth married John Satterthwaite.]
David Linton died the 26th of 1st mo. 1815 aged 34 yr. Lacking one day. (Gr. Grand father Linton). [That's written in the letter, it is not my addition.]
Lettitia Linton died the 17th of 8th mo. 1815 aged 27 yr. yr. 3 mo. & 11 da. (Gr. Grand Mother Linton).
James Linton died the 22nd of the 11th mo. 1815. aged 26 yr. 8 mo. & 12 das.
Elizzabeth Linton [Wife of Allen]died the 9th of 10th mo. 1839. aged 28 r. and 16 das.
Seth Silver Linton died the 22nd of th 7th mo. 1875 agd 64 yr. 4 mo. & 2 days.
Ann Linton Furnas, daughter of Allen & Elizzabeth Linton died the 27th of the 5 mo. 1875 aged 38 years & 27 days.
Seth Silver and Mary Noblit [Lettitia Silver Linton's parents] was maried the 1st of the 5th mo. 1784. [According to Hinshaw, they were married 1 Jun 1785.]
David Linton & Lettitia Silver was married the 22nd of the 1st mo. 1806.
Carey Reagin & Nancy Seer [Speer] [Elizabeth Reagin's parents, SC] was married the 10th of the 2nd mo. 1808.
Allen Linton [b. OH; son of David & Lettitia] & Elizzabeth Reagin [b. SC] was married the 30th of the 10th mo. 1828.
David Linton was born the 27th of the 1st mo. 1781.
Lettitia Linton was born the 6th of 5th mo. 1788.

[All of Benjamin and Jane Cowgill Linton's children were born in Bucks County, PA. Samuel Linton's wife, Elizabeth Harvey, died in Bucks County, 1796. Samuel and his children then emigrated to Warren County, Ohio in 1802 and then to Clinton County, Ohio in 1803. I have no knowledge of whether any of his siblings went to Ohio with him. If anyone is descended from the Samuel Linton line, it would be worthwhile to own the book by Beers "The History of Clinton County, Ohio", 1882. He printed many letters from Samuel Linton to his Quaker friends in Pennsylvania, and there is a lot of additional history on Samuel's children. The letter continues with other births and deaths of Allen Linton's family, as recorded in the Bible of Allen Linton, son of David, in Ohio.]