Logue Bible

This is an undated Kimber and Sharpless Bible. Kimber
and Sharpless published between 1823-1842, and this
book is one addressed at 50 North Fourth Street.
I am going to attribute this as a 1826 version (Hills# 548)
because of the "To the reader", "Order of Books",
"Contents", "Account of Dates" on reverse of NT title
page and Index and Tables at the end.

This Bible is currently in the possession of Tracy St. Claire



From "Memorial to the Pioneer Women of the Western Reserve" 1896

Mrs. Mary J. (COOPER) LOGUE was born in 1820, in Baltimore, Md.
She was married to Rev. James W. LOGUE in 1843, who was the pastor
of the Associate, now the United Presbyterian Church in Cleveland.
The same year he removed to Northfield, becoming pastor of the
United Presbyterian Church. He continued a successful pastorate
of forty years, resigning in 1883, revered by all. Mrs. LOGUE was
an ideal wife and mother. She was of inestimable value to her
husband as a wise counselor and helper during his long ministry.
She was the honored president of the "Soldiers' Aid Society" during
the war. Of the five children given them, three are living, Jennie
C., the wife of Rev. Dr. W.T. CAMPBELL, of Monmouth, Ill.; Judge
Joseph T. LOGUE of Cleveland; and Rev. James R. LOGUE of Washington,
Iowa. Mrs. LOGUE died in 1888. Mr. LOGUE died in 1894. They sleep
together in the rural cemetery in Northfield, leaving a fragrant
memory in the hearts of the people.


[Page One -- Marriages]

Married Tuesday June 6th 1843 by Rev. John
G Sprast [<--??] Baltimore James W. Logue
to Mary Jane Cooper

Married in Northfield Ohio by Rev. J. Y. Cooper
on Thursday Jan. 23d 1873 J. Clark Alexander
to Nettie G. Logue

Married in Cleveland Ohio by Rev. J. M. French
on Tuesday August 30th 1881 Joseph Y. Logue
& Nellie J. Green

Married in Cleveland Ohio on Wednesday July
31 1889 by REv. J.W. Logue, D.D. Rev. W.J.
Campbell D.D. to Jennie C. Logue.

Married Saturday, July 11, 1896, by Rev. J. W.
Anderson D.D. James R. Logue to Amy C. Reddall
Brooklyn, New York

[Page Two -- Births]

Born on Thursday, July 4th 1844 at 1/2 past 4 o clock
P.M. Jane Cooper, daughter of James W. and Mary
Jane Logue.

Born on Wednesday September 30th 1846 at 1/4 past
11 o'clock A.M. James Gibson, son of James W.
and Mary Jane Logue.

Born on Monday, July 9th 1849 at 1/4 past 6 oclock
P.M. Joseph Yate, son of James W. and Mary Jane

Born on Wednesday November 5th 1851 at 1/2 past
2 oclock A.M. Jenetta Gibson daughter of James W.
& Mary Jane Logue.

Born on Monday, April 7th 1856 at 1/2 past 6 oclock
P.M. James Robert son of James W. and Mary Jane Logue.

[Page Three -- Deaths]

Died on Wednesday January 17 1849 at a 1/4 past 9
oclock P.M. James Gibson son of James W. and Mary J.

Died on Sabbath night February 15 1874 at a quarter
past eleven o'clock Nettie G. Alexander daughter of
James W. and Mary Jane Logue

Died on Saturday night at eleven oclock Mary Logue,
wife of James W. Logue, aged 67 years, 9 months
and 26 days. Her death occured Sept. 29, 1888

Died on Wednesday March 7, 1894, at twenty minutes
to 8 o'clock A.M. James W. Logue aged 81 years, 8

Died on Saturday November 11, 1899 Joseph T. Logue
aged fifty years.

[Other Ephemera]

Unlabeled photo of a man

Obituary of Mrs. Thomas McMichael, wife of the
president of Monmouth college (Illinois). This
appears to be friend, so the obituary is not
transcribed here. "Mrs. J.T. Logue of Cleveland,
an old friend, is also here for the services".

Handwritten sermon or article on "How was the
Temporal Power of the Pope in Italy Abolished".

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