Martin Bible

Submitted by Diantha Neinfeldt, gggranddaughter of Henry Martin. "This sheet was torn out of the Bible at some time and stowed away. I just came into possession of the record this past spring."

The original Copy is in the possession of Robert Mattison, gggrandson of Henry Martin.
Henry Martin and wife Eunice C Ray married in Hubbardton, VT, moved to Clinton County NY, where the children were born and migrated to Adams County Wisconsin in 1857. Both sons were in the Civil War and George Murray Martin died at Baton Rouge. April, 1865.



Henry Martin married Eunice C Ray February 21st, 1836
James Reuben Martin married Mary Niles March 21st, 1864 in Necedah, Wisconsin
Henry J Mattison married Elenora Martin March 17th, 1861 in Necedah, Wisconsin

Henry Martin born March 10th, 1810
Eunice C Martin born October 31st, 1818
Harriet M Martin born December 15th, 1836
James Reuben Martin born October 25th, 1838
George Murray Martin born November 6th, 1840
Elenora Martin born December 15th, 1844

Harriet M Martin died December 4th, 1837
Elenora Martin died July 11th, 1875