Mathews Bible

This Bible record was published in Tennessee Records,
Bible Records and Marriage Bonds
, Compiled by Jeannette
Tillotson Acklen, Nashville, TN, 1933, p 228.


Below this line, is verbatim from source except slight
formatting changes.



Copied from the Matthews family Bible, of Williamson County,
Tennessee, in the possession of the heirs of George L. Matthews,
deceased, formerly of Franklin, Tennessee, loaned to the
Tennessee State Library by W. K. Matthews, son of George I.
Matthews, now of Kobe, Japan.

Copied by Mrs. John Trotwood Moore, Librarian and Archivist,
State Library, Nashville, Tennessee, member of Campbell Chapter,
D.A.R., Nashville, Tenn., March 10, 1932.

Luke Mathews, born Mar. 15, 1739.
Lucy Mathews, daughter of Richard Fox and Joanna, his wife, born
Nov. 28, 1747.
Luke Mathews and Lucy, his wife, married Jan. 26, 1766.
Angelila Mathews, daughter of Luke Mathews and Lucy, his wife,
born June 28, 1767.
Hannah Mathews born Sept. 25, 1768.
Elizabeth Mathews, born May 14, 1772.
Lucy Mathews, born Oct. 27, 1774.
John Mathews, born Mar. 9, 1777.
Luke Mathews, born Aug. 22, 1779.
Isham Mathews, born April 2, 1782.
Nancy Mathews, born Oct. 11, 1785.
Drury Mathews, born Sept. 4, 1788.
Luke Mathews, husband of Lucy Mathews, departed this life April 7, 1788.
Lucy Matthews, wife of Luke Matthews, departed this life Feb. 12, 1831.
(This last entry was made in a different handwriting, and is the first time the
name is spelled "Matthews").