McClister Bible

This Bible was published circa 1900, by my guess.
Its main title page is missing and the New Testament
title page gives no hint to either date or publisher, but
it is a "red letter" version.

This Bible is in poor condition, with the binding seriously
damaged and the spine missing. Many pages from the front,
back and center are missing.

There are several different handwritings here, and the later
handwriting comments some earlier entries.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


-----------------TRANSCRIPT STARTS-----------------

[Page One -- Marriage Certificate]

James O. McClister of Fairplay Ky
and Jennie C. Young of Fairplay Ky
on November 13 1889 at Glensfork, Ky
by Rev Wm Blair,
Witness Chas. L. Ryan
Elen C. Rowe

[Page Two -- Marriages]

Mattie B. McClister + Raliene Naylor Were Married
Dec 10th 1911

Walter W. McClister + Ruth E. Hines Were Married
Aug 11th 1912

Cittie Mae McClister + Clifford Wilkins Were Married
Dec 23rd 1917

J O McClister Jr + Arline Luton Were Married at Bryan
Texas March 10th 1928

Walter W McClister + Dorothy Ellis Danis Okla. Dec.
28th 1935 2nd Marriage

[Page Three -- Births]

James O McClister Was Borned Oct 13 1867.

Jennie C Young Was Borned Dec 2 1870.

Walter W McClister Was Borned Jan. 28 1891.

Mattie B. McClister Was Borned Nov. 12 1892.

Cittie Mae McClister Was Borned Mar. 10 1899.

J O McClister Jr. Was Borned Mar. 22 1905

Nannie McClister Was Borned Aug 4 1895 died

J O McClister + Family arrived in Krum Texas on Nov
30th 1900


O H McClister Was Borned Jan 1829 died Aug 1915

Dotia McClister Was Borned Jan 31st 1835 Died
Dec. 11th 1920

William Young
Nancy Jane Young (Turner) } Mama's parents

[Page Four -- Deaths]

Mattie B. Naylor Died Sept 6 1912 age 19

Nannie McClister Died Aug 4th 1895 <--Born + died

James O McClister " June 8 1937 age 69

Jennie C. McClister July 20th 1943 age 72

Walter W. McClister Aug 20th 1953 age 62

James O McClister Jr March 15th 1971 age 65

James O McClister III Sept. 29, 1982 age 54

Marie McClister age 15 Dec 23 1930 Grand Daughter

Ruth McClister Nov 11 1932 age 38

Clifford C. Wilkins Jan 1st 1963

Jean (Wilkins) Wilkes Grand daughter Born Aug. 14, 1922
Died June 8 1988 age 65

---------------END TRANSCRIPT----------------