McCloud Bible

The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments,
New York, American Bible Society, 1867.

This Bible is in fair condition, with the intact, and the spine
intact, but missing pieces. It is brittle and slightly musty. It
is missing the front and rear endpages but no others that I
can see. Seen a lot worse.

I am identifying this McCloud line as based in Orange County
based on the 1900 US census location of Leonard and
Harrison McCloud. Both are unusual enough that the dates
matching the Bible record make it nearly impossible of a
coincidence. The name Mapes McCloud also appears to
be a family name in the Orange County McClouds, judging
from Internet chatter. Mapes McCloud I consider a unique

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


-----------------TRANSCRIPT STARTS-----------------

[Page One -- Family Record Births]

Hannah McCloud Borned May the 9 1851

Hannah McCloud Borned May the 9 1851 [Repeated]

henry McCloud Borned September the 8 1873 [last
two digits are 7 or 9, and 3, 2 or 9].

Harrison McCloud Janery the 13 1876

John McCloud febuery the 4 1870


[Page Two -- Family Records Births]

Henry McCloud Borned September 8 1853

Hannah McCloud Borned May 9 1851

Marry A McCloud Borned August 12 1855

Sarrah Jane McCloud Borned September 18 1857

Emma McCloud Borned November 4 1859

Mapes McCloud Borned March 10 1862

Leonard McCloud Borned Febuary 28 1866

Lucy McCloud Borned May 23 1868

[Page Three -- Family Records Deaths]

Mr. William H. McCloud
The Father of
Hannah Morgan died

Emma Haley

Sarah Janie McCloud

Mapes McCloud Died on the
24 July
Buried on the 27

[Page Four -- Inside Back Cover]

Mis B. P. Matthews
Mr [?] B. P. Matthews

Miss Louisa McCloud
Date June 7 1892
Herristet N. J.

[Transcriber's note: I have gone over every place name in New
Jersey looking for something that resembles what Louisa wrote.
It is possible that she wrote "Oriental" but that is a stretch. Her
handwriting leaves a lot to be desired. Please examine the scan,
and if anyone has any idea where in NJ this might be, please let
me know.]

---------------END TRANSCRIPT----------------