McCollough Bible

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New
Testaments, Philadelphia, J. Holbrook's Stereotype
Copy. Brattleborough, VT, 1817. Hills # 327

This Bible is in good condition, with the original
binding still intact. It is a very beautiful Bible -- the
original etchings remain intact, and they are extraordinary.
Like most older Bibles in very good shape, it does
not have much genealogy.

Many of the first names are abbreviated and not familiar
to me. Maybe someone else can help.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


-----------------TRANSCRIPT STARTS-----------------

[Page One -- Marriages]

Wm. McCollough was Married Novbr the 6th 1800

[Page Two -- Births/Deaths]

Wm. McCollough Seignior Was Born Decmr 11th 1774.

Aln. [??] McCollough was Born May the 20th 1802.

Wm. McCollough 1 was Born Feby the 20th 1804.

Migt. [??] McCollough Was Born, February the 10th, 1806

Wm. McCollough 2 Was Born March the 27th 1809.

Sarah McCollough was Born January the 2d 1812.

David McCollough Was Born January the 12th 1814.

Rbt. McCollough was Born April the 16th, 1816.

James McCollough was Born January the 1st 1818.

John McCollough was Born August the 10th, 1820.

Wm. McCollough 1 Departed this life August the 3d, 1808.

Rbt. McCollough Departed this life, November the 10, 1818.

Jane McCullough Wife of William died August the 18th 1829.

William McCullough the second died June the 24th 1848.

James McCullough died September the 8th 1850.

Wm. McCollough died Oct. 5"/"56

---------------END TRANSCRIPT----------------