McIntyre Bible

The Holy Bible

Scot Sabo email:

Published 1832 by N. and J. White, 108 Pearl Street, New York

I purchased this Bible at an auction in Holley, Orleans, NY.

My research shows that Family lived in Oxford County, Maine; Oakfield, Genesee, NY; Charlton, Worcester, MA and Kalamazoo, MI.

The bible is leather bound with considerable wear and small amounts of leather missing from edges and corners. The front cover has come off but exists and can be repaired. Pages seem to be complete and are in better condition than the cover. Nevertheless they have expected yellowing and some water stains.



Containing the family record of the McIntyre Family as follows:
(Note: The records were written over one hundred and fifty years ago with a fountain pen making some of it difficult to read as noted by either ? or [notes within brackets] )


Jonah [or Jerah] McIntyre was born October 7, 1792

Eden McIntyre was born March 12th 1797 [Seems to have been changed to 1794]

Lucinda McIntyre was born may 18th 1797

Laura McIntyre was born September 18th 1805?

Joel [or Loel] McIntyre was born January 11th 1808

?n? Domin? 1838


Jonah [or Jerah] McIntyre died April 5th 1824 aged 31 years 6 months and 29 days