McLean Bible


McLean Family Bible

Submitted June 10, 1998 by:
Audrey Kent Wilson
844 Alamuka Street
Haliimaile, HI 96768-9704

The following is a very faithful wording of the pages preceding the frontispiece of my great-grandfather's Bible. The family were from Ontario. I have the original Bible. Audrey.

Surnames found in this record:

Page 1

John McLean


Holy Bible

Bought in 1888

Page 2

Mariposa June 7, 1876

John McLean married

to Margaret Spark.

Page 3


Magnus McLean
born Feb the 1-1878

Marie Annie McLean -
Born Aug the 25: 1879

Neil Roy McLean.
Born Sep the 26: 1881

Percy McLean Born in Orillia
September the 9: 1888. A.D.

Page 4


Percy McLean died
Aug 25th 1894 6 yrs

Magnus McLean died
April 30th 1899 age 21 yrs

Annie Marie Hart
Died June 7th 1946.



John Mc Lean | Fifth child of Norman Mc Lean of Skye
Orillia | and his wife,Mary Mc Lean a Canadian.
Holy Bible | John was born in 1851 in Mariposa Twp.,
Bought in..1888 | Victoria Co., Ontario, Canada

p. 1

Mariposa..June the 7.1876 Margaret Spark (1853-1912) was the daughter of
John Mc Lean Married English immigrants John and Elizabeth Spark, also of Margaret Spark
Mariposa. John Mc Lean and Margaret were married
in Port Perry, Ontario.

P. 2


Magnus Mc Lean | According to family legend Magnus, called Mickey, was a
Born Feb the 1-1878 | Canadian national speed skating champion.

Marie Annie Mc Lean | Born in Orillia, Annie married Samuel Kent Hart
Aug the 25:1879. | of Liverpool, England on March 31, 1897 in Lorneville,
Victoria Co. They had four children; two survived.

Neil Roy Mc Lean | Born in Lindsay, Victoria Co., Neil Roy enlisted in the
Born Sept the 26:-1881 | 92nd Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force in 1915. He
was wounded in the Battle of La Courcelette, France.
N.R. Mc Lean, Tottenham, Ontario, 1881-1925.

Percy Mc Lean Born in Orillia
September the 9.A.D.1888

p. 3


Percy Mc Lean died
Aug 25th 1894 age 6 yrs

Magnus Mc Lean died
April 30th 1899 age 21 yrs

Annie Marie Hart Died in Willowdale, Ontario.
Died June 7th 1946.


NOTE: When my grandfather and uncle left Willowdale, Ontario for the states in the 60s they left two family bibles in the care of a neighbor, Winifred Ferguson, Princess Ave., Willowdale.

I would be interested in knowing if they ever turned up anywhere. They could bear Hart, Mc Lean, Moore, Spark, and Varcoe family names.

If you would post my query about the bibles on your list I would appreciate it. Mr. Ferguson predeceased my grandfather by some years and I know that Mrs. Ferguson is long gone. They had no children.
Thanks, Audrey.