Meacham Bible


Meacham / Miles Family Bible

Submitted August, 1998 by:
Cheryl Mitchem-Chester

This information was copied directly from what I call the Meacham/Miles Family Bible on July 8, 1998. I call it this because the earliest records are on the Meachams and then there are Miles records too. Elijah D. Meacham married Francis Miles March 9, 1837, (according to her pension application after Elijah died Oct. 26, 1851), they did not have any children together that I am aware of and none are listed in the bible either. Elijah was born in Enfield Connecticut and served in the rev. war from there before moving to Montgomery Co. Va, where he first purchased land in 1804 for 50 pounds.

There is a marriage record in Montgomery Co. for an Elijah D. Meacham and Elizabeth Smith Nov. 9, 1782 but according to bible (as you will see), his wife's name was Sarah, I think it could be that her name was Sarah Elizabeth, but only a hopeful guess.

One more thing that those interested in the Meacham family may find interesting is that the land that Elijah bought in 1804 was left by him to his second wife, Francis (Miles) Meacham and is still in the Miles family today.

Surnames found in this record:


Elijah D Meacham was born March 20th 1757
Sarah Meacham was born August the 1st 1759
Ziba Meacham was born December the 19th 1785
Simeon Meacham was born September the 7th 1791
Jeddah Meacham was born August the 3rd 1794
Mary Meacham was born July the 20th 1798
William and James was born January the 17th 1801
Elijah and Seth was born August the 24th 1804
Thadeaus Meacham was born December the 15th 1807
Jo Miles was born December the 28th 1833
Jane D. Miles was born August the 10th 1838
Elijah Meacham Miles was born June the 14th A.D. 1867
Nancy Elizabeth Miles was born Dec the 30 A.D. 1869
Joseph Jackson Miles was born March 17 A.D. 1872
John W. Miles was born Feb the 14 A.D. 1848
James Henry Miles was born Sept the 11 A.D. 1850
Sarha A. Miles was born March the 9 A.D. 1852
Mary F. Miles was born Feb the 10th A.D. 1855
Thomas G. Miles was born Aug the 30th A.D. 1856
Samuel B. Miles was born Oct the 12th A.D. 1859
Mathew T. Miles was born Oct 14 A.D 1860
Francis E. Miles was born April the 16 1876
A F Miles was born Nov 16 1876
Wanmeeda [not sure of spelling] Miles was born May 14 1904
Ray C Miles was born June 27 1905
Ambra Miles was born May 28 1907
Maggie Miles was born _____ 29 1888
Ham G. Miles was born Aug 12 1880
Burnette Miles was born Aug 9 1922
Sarah Meacham wife of Elijah D Meacham dearparted this life febary the 5 1837
Mary S Miles departed this life January the 29th 1863
Sarah Jain Meacham deaparted this life febary the 18 1836
Mary Meacham deaparted this life life janery the 12 1839
Lisa Meacham Da Darparted this life March 9 1840
Daughters of James R Meacham of ohio

[The front inside page of the bible is missing, but I did get the following info from the New Testament Page:]

The New Testametn of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
translated out of the original greek;
and with the former translations diligently compared and revised.
Stereotyped By E. White, New York
Published and sold by Kimber and Sharpless,
at their book-store, No. 93 Market Street

[One more note, I compared the writing in the bible about the Meachams with Elijah D. Meacham's signature on his 1818 pension application and they appear to be the same. So I am assuming that Elijah wrote that information himself.]
Cheryl Mitchem-Chester