Miller Bible


Miller Family Bible

Submitted July 24, 1998 by:
Ralph W. Cansler

The following is from a family bible I obtained from a book sale somewhere in Ohio a few years ago. American Bible Society, New York, 1850. I would be willing to make this Bible available to the family of the said George Miller. Ralph W. Cansler.

Surnames found in this record:

Family Record

George Cornelius Miller Was born in the year of our Lord 1849 the 2
month february the 1[?]
George C. Miller died Nov 30 1924
Jacob Henry Miller Was Born the 7th month the 12 day July in the
year of our Lord 1871
Amos Albert Miller Was born on the 26th day of December in the year
of our Lord 1873
Andrew Garfield Miller Was Born January the 24 AD 1880
[someone went back in a different color of ink and changed the date to 1879, however, in the margin is the number 80.]
Blanch May Miller Was Born october 29 1883

[Also in the Bible was a receipt:]
"Save Receipt York, Pa.,
September 8, 1917.
To Subscription to THE YORK DISPATCH
To Date 70 Cts.
Received Payment.

[Also another receipt with a circular stamp:]
"YORK (STA. NO 7) SEP 1 1917"