Morrow Bible

The bible is The Holy Bible, containing The Old and New
Testaments, New York, American Bible Society,

Currently in possession of Tracy St. Claire, ,

The middle family pages are filled out, as well as some
inscriptions on the inside covers. These are all transcribed

WorldConnect database place the Elizabeth Morrow wife
below as Elizabeth Frame from Vermillion Co., IL.
This family resided in Preble County, Ohio.


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[page one, Family Record]

Harvy Morrow was Born on the 12th day of December
A.D. 1826.

Elizabeth Morrow was Born on the 19th day of June A.D.

Daniel W. Morrow was Born on the 17th day of January
A.D. 1848

[page two, Family Record]

Levina J. Morrow Was Born On the 20th Day of July
A.D. 1851

Mary Emaline Morrow Daughter to Harvy and to
Elizabeth Morrow was born October 28th A. D. 1853

[page three, Family Record]

Alexander Clayton Morrow son to Harvy Morrow
and Elizabeth was born November the 29 A.D. 1856

Allass Morrow Was Born on the 3 Day of March

Manda Morrow Was Born on the 24 day of
Febuary 1861

[page four, Family Record]

Levina J. Morrow Dau to Harvy M and Elizabeth
Deceased March the 10 1854

Laurie B. Morrow Was Born on 11 day of
May 1863

[inside front cover]

Harvy Morrow New Westville Ohio Preble
County Ohio

Elizabeth Betsy Elizabeth Prebble Co Ohio

Elizabeth Morrow New ?? Ohio

Mr. Jes Bond New Westville Ohio

Flora Norris New ?? Ohio

[front flyleaf]

Harvy Morrow's Book 1853

January 31 1853

James Morrow was born on ? day
of December A. D. 18?6

[back cover]

Elizabeth Morrow

Laura Hoffman Ca???town, Prebble Co Ohio

Amanda Morrow, New Westville, Ohio


[many arithmetic ciphers]

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