Mullendore Bible

This Bible record was published in Tennessee Records,
Bible Records and Marriage Bonds
, Compiled by Jeannette
Tillotson Acklen, Nashville, TN, 1933, p 117.


Below this line, is verbatim from source except the [authorship
attribution]. I took that from the context within the book.


The oldest Bible record I have been able to find is the property
of Mrs. Sallie Mullendore Massey, who now resides in Sevierville,
Tennessee, who is also the oldest living descendant of the Spencer
Clack for whom our chapter is named, and following is some of
this record [Spencer Clack Chapter, Sevierville, Mrs. Stanley
McMahan, Regent.]:


Jno. Mullendore, Oct., 1800.
Dialtha P. Mullendore, Feb. 11, 1810.
Abraham Lafoyett Mullendore, June 11, 1830.
Mary Amanda Mullendore, April 26, 1832.
William Wallace Mullendore, Feb. 21, 1834.
Elijah Leonadas Mullendore, Dec. 15, 1835.
Robert Bruce Mullendore, Jan. 26, 1842.
Jno. Newton Mullendore, Feb. 6, 1840.
Susanne Katherine Mullendore, Feb. 25, 1842.
Nancy Matilda Mullendore, April 17, 1844.
Jane Elizabeth Mullendore, April 16, 1846.
Malvina Caroline Mullendore, Jan. 29, 18--.
David R. Mullendore, March 8, 1851.
Dialtha N. Mullendore, May 31, 1854.
Sally Josephine Mullendore, June 24, 1855.