Mulvany Bible and Poetry Book

This is a family Bible and a copy of "The Poetical Works of John Milton" with genealogy information written on the blank pages. These books have stayed together and have quite a history, having come across the Oregon Trail and finally landing in a Salvation Army in Berkeley, CA before being rescued. They are currently in my possession (Tracy St. Claire --, but I will return them to a good home. I am looking for a really good home for these books -- direct descendants actively working on genealogy, preferably with descendants of their own to pass it on to, or a reasonable plan to keep it in the family.

Nora Parker Davis sent these Bibles to me in January of 2005. A friend of hers rescued them from the Salvation Army in 1994. She was told they had been there (at Salvation Army) for quite some time. The friend gave them to Nora to investigate, knowing that Nora does family research for her own family. Nora made copies of the information, and filed them with all the right places.

Both books have been well-used and show character. I am adding Nora's own notes and research about the family.

Transcribed by Nora Parker Davis.

The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ: Translated Out of the Original Greek...New York, Stereotyped By A. Chandler for The American Bible Society. 1837. Nonpariel 12mo. Missing all pages prior to the first page of Genesis; identification made from the New Testament title page. I can't find an exact match in Hills (at least with this partial information). No exact match in O'Callaghan (although very similar to p. 246 #4). These ABS Bibles were fairly common.




Census Notes

In the 1860 federal census, Wyatt [sic] Mulvany is found in Browntown, Josephine County, Oregon. He is age 25, single, and working as a miner. It puts his birth place as Iowa, but in a work environment like that I doubt they interviewed everyone. They probably relied on second-hand information.

Below is the 1880 census of the family in District 11, Benton County, Oregon.

Name Relation Marital St Gender Race Age Occupation Birthplace F Birthplace M Birthplace
L W Mulvany Self M Male W 41 Farmer E Tenn Tenn Tenn
Adalina Mulvany Wife M Female W 38 Keeping House Iowa Mass New York
Francis Mulvany Son S Male W 14 At Home Or E Tenn Iowa
Annie Mulvany Daughter S Female W 12 At Home Or E Tenn Iowa
Emma Mulvany Daughter S Female W 9 At Home Or E Tenn Iowa
Eva Mulvany Daughter S Female W 8 At Home Or E Tenn Iowa
Daisy Mulvany Daughter S Female W 3 At Home Or E Tenn Iowa


Nora's Notes about the progression of ownership, a basic family tree,
and some facts about the family.


Obituary of Mrs. January


Bible Transcript

[Inside front cover]

This book was brought across the plains in 1862 [Note: It never says by whom.]


[Page Two -- Last Page of Revelation]

This book belongs to S.P. Drake

and Betsy (Brown?) Drake

later to Adeline and L.W. Mulvaney

later to Adeline Mulvany (Wickinson?)

later to Gladys Gonsalves daughter of Adele

Daisy Lillian Mulvany marred

Samuel V. Baker 1893

3 children Lulu Eva Lynn

Eva Elnor Mulvany marred

William J. Burns Nov 1893

no children

Adele P. Mulvany marred 1898 died Dec 26 1970

Geo. B. January One child

Gladys L.

Francis Lyman Mulvany

marred Blanch (Page is torn)

2 children Blanch and Percy

Emma Elizabeth Mulvany

marred Frank (Rowlard?)

Ann Sarah Mulvany marred


[Page Three -- Reverse of Page Two, Back Flyleaf]

Mr. Wyett Lorenzo Mulvany

Born 1837 March 11 in

Knoxvill, Tenesee, came

west in year 1853

Adeline Elizebeth Drake

Born in 1842 Nove 7 in

Dubuque Co., Iowa marred

to Wyatt Mulvany in year

1863 December

Cross the Plains 1862

Frances Lymon Drake Mulvany

was Born in 1865 Dec 20

Sarah Anna was Born

in 1867 Sep 22 In Benton

County Oregon died Nov 8 1944

Emma Elizbeth Mulvany

was Born in 1870 Aug 20

Eva Elnora Mulvany

was Born in 1872

Apr 29 Benton Co.


[Page Four -- Opposite of Page Three, Back Fly Leaf]

Daisy Lillian Mulvany

was Born in 1876 July

the 15 in Benton Co.


Adele Pearl Mulvany

was Born in 1881 Jan

12 in Benton Co.

Ora Maybell Mulvany (Note: Bible says she died 18 May 1900)

was Born in 1883 May

29. In Benton Co., Org

Anna Sarah Mulvany

married Frank Davis

1 child (Wilbur? Sorengo?)

This is Mother’s writing

at the age 82 last

Nove the 7

[Note: Adeline Elizabeth Drake Mulvany was born 7 Nov 1842 so she must be "Mother" who writes the record and that she was 82 last Nove the 7. This then, would have been written circa 1924.]


[Page Five -- Reverse of Page Four, Back Fly Leaf]

Eva Elmira Mulvany

died Aug the 20

1894 In Polk Co. Ora

May Bell Mulvany

Died in the year 1900

May the 18

Emma E. (Rowland?)

Oct 24 1924

Addie (E?) Mulvany died

Apr 27 1926

Lorenzo W. Mulvany

Died Dec 30 1927

Samuel P. Drake died

..........? Feb

Billy??? March

Sarah Ann Mulvany

died Nov 8 1944


[Page Six -- Opposite Page Five]

Elizabeth Adline Was Born Nov 7th 184?


[Page Seven -- Reverse of Page Six]

Lymon Francis Drake

was Born Feb 10 1839

[Note: Perhaps these are brothers of Adeline Elizabeth Drake who was born 7 Nov 1842 in Dubuque Co., Iowa.

And their parents were S.P. Drake and Betsy (Brown?) Drake?

And did the parents bring it "across the plains in 1862"?

Or perhaps some of the children brought it?]

Franklin Augustus

Drake was Born

Feb 8 1840

(Cirus?) Lewis Drake

was born Aug 20



[Page Eight -- Inside Back Cover]

Gladys Lena January

born July 1 1900

Daughter of Adele Mulvany January

married Geo. B. January

now deceased

Second marriage (Note: Adele married Wilkinson after Geo. B. January died)

?? L. Wilkinson?


The Poetical Works of John Milton With a Memoir and Critical Remarks on His Genius and
Writings By James Montgomery. Vol. 1. New York, Published By Leavitt & Allen, 379
Broadway. No Date, but some Internet sources put this book as being published around 1880,
and the binding looks about that era.


[Page One -- Front Flyleaf]

Wyett Mulvany

Adie E Mulvany
Was Born in the year of 1842
november the 7

The children ages

Francis Lymon Mulvany
Was Born in year of December
the 20th in Oregon

Anie Mulvany Was Born in
year September the 22th in Oregon

[in both cases above, space was left blank for the year]


[Page Two -- Front Fly-Leaf]


Wyatt Loranzo Mulvany
Was Born in the year 1837 March 11

Adie Elizabet Mulvany
Was Born in the year 1842 Nov 7

The Children ages

Frances Lyman Mulvany
Was Born in the year 1865 Dec 20

Sarah Anna Mulvany
Was Born in the year 1867 Sep 22

Emma Elizabeth Mulvany
Was Born in the year 1870 Aug 20

Eva Elmora Mulvany
Was Born in the year 1872 Apr 29

Daisy Lillian Mulvany
Was Born in the year 1876 July 15


[Page Three -- Front Flyleaf]

Della Pearl Mulvany
Was Born in the Year 1881 Jan 12

Ora Maybel Mulvany
Was Born in the year 1883 May 29
Died in year 1900 May 18