Neal Family Record

This paper was found inside a Bible relating
to the
GALE family. There is no obvious
connection to that family.

This piece is currently in the possession of Tracy St. Claire


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Family Reord

John Neal Sr born June 10th 1765
Died August 18th 1854

Catherine Neal Born Jan 29th 1785
Died about one oclock Monday morning Oct 11th 1872

John Neal Jr Born July 23 1815

Catherine Maria Neal Born Sept 28 1818

Martha Catherine Born Jany 3rd 1842
Died August 13 1845

John Henry Neal Born April 28 1844

William Spenser Born Nov 28th 1846

Mary Ann Neal Born Nov 15 1848

Samuel Ferdinando Neal Born Feby 6th 1851
Samuel Ferdinando Neal Died Oct 24 1851

Juliette Neal Born Nov 23rd 1852

Hattie Isabella Neal Born Jany 20th 1854

Horatio Nelson Neal Born Dec 20 1856

Charlotte Delphene Neal Born June 27th 1859

Rose E. Neal Born August 16th 1863

Margaret Ann Born March 19 1839

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