Osborn Bible

This bible was up for auction on ebay in March 2003. The seller gave permission for the followng pictures and transcriptions to be submitted to this site.
Transcribed by seller and Checked by Tara Hawkins [Photos are hard to read where the pages join so I have had to rely on the sellers' transcription for some parts although they did not transcribe exactly as written]

THE HOLY BIBLE containing the OLD AND NEW TESTAMENTS , translated out of the original tongues and with the former translations , diligently compared and revised , stereotype edition , stereotyped by T . Rutt , London and printed for THE AMERICAN BIBLE SOCIETY , by D. Fanshaw, Printer, New York , 1831 After title page, first page with " 4th edition " up in the upper right , has The Names and Order of the Books of the Old and New Testaments , Account of the dates or time of writing the books of the New Testament. Leather cover with age and spots, still intact. Aged pages with foxing , pages 481 through 544 have become detached from book, rest appear to be attached, but of course this book is fragile. There are no illustrations in this Bible. On one of the blank pages between the Old and New Testament a small amount of family data ( genealogy ) has been entered at some time in the past.



Jacob Osborn was born
January th 7 of 1784
Jacob Osborn died ?? day[?] 1859
Aged 75 the 7 day of
Dorcus[?] E. wife of Jacob Osborn
died September 30 1892
age 90 years
Joseph Dearbon died Nov 16th 1888
aged 81 years 7 months 10 days