Ramsey Bible


Ramsey Family Bible

Submitted July 13, 1998 by:
Lynne Hundley

The Bible is in the possession of Lynne Rush Hundley, 3-great-granddaughter of Albert's brother Simon Ramsey. She is a United Methodist minister, who was born near Seattle, Washington, grew up in California, and now lives in Smithfield, Virginia. Lynne Hundley.

Surnames found in this record:


Albert Ramsey's Bible
(New York:American Bible Society, 1854)

Pasted on inside front cover:

Died at his home near Centerville, on the night of September the
fifteenth, after a short illness, Mr. Albert Ramsey in the seventy fifth
year of his age. His popularity as a true friend and a good neighbor was
evident from the large crowd which attended his funeral...The funeral
sermon was conducted by the Rev. Mr. Boatwright...After the funeral
services his body was laid to rest neath the land he loved, neath the
skies he loved...

[On the first page (blank, before the title page), in pencil:]

Albert Ramsey

Albert Ramsey


[On a blank page inside the back cover; in pencil:]

Albert Ramsey

Albert Ramseys Book 1806

[The four "Albert Ramsey"s appear to be written by the same person at different ages. In the first the letters are relatively unformed. The last is quite well written. The two dates appear to have been written by one person, but not the person who wrote "Albert Ramsey". Note: Albert's will was signed with an X, not his signature.]

[Center pages:]
[Birth and Marriages pages are blank]


[the handwriting is by the same person, perhaps all written at the same time, or possibly the last entry at a later time; all in pen.]

James Ramsey died Dec. 15th 1861. age 68.
Benjamin Ramsey died Feb. the 1865. Age 33.
Robert Ramsey died April the 1865. Age 29.
Eliza Ramsey died May 23d 1881. 82 years of age.
William Ramsey died Nov. 18th 1886. Age 70.
Simon Ramsey died Jan. 18th 1888. Age 73
Eliza Witt died April the 1888, Age 54.
Amanda Blanks died Dec. 16th 1891. Age 52.
Albert Ramsey died Sept. 16th 1893. Age 75.
Elizabeth Ramsey died Dec. 23d 1901. Age 81.

[James Ramsey is Albert's father,
Eliza Ramsey is James' wife and mother of some, perhaps all, of the children.
Benjamin, Robert, Simon and William are Albert's brothers.
Elizabeth and Amanda are Albert's sisters.
Eliza Witt may be Simon's niece.]

[Albert was wounded 27 June 1862 at the Battle of Gaine's Mill. His right arm was amputated three days later leaving a 4-inch stump. He never married, but lived at home with his parents, and when they died, he bought the family home place from his surviving brothers and sisters. He and his parents are buried there on a hill with a 4-sided obelisk marking their graves. The obelisk has the same information as the Bible.]

[On a sheet of lined paper tucked inside the Bible, written in pencil:]

Eliza Ramsey died May 23rd 1881 in the 83d year of her age.

Albert Ramey [cq] died Sept. 16th 1893 in the 75th year of his age.

Elizabeth Ramey [cq] died December 23rd 1901, in the 81st year of her age.