Reed Bible

This Bible record was published in History and Genealogy of
The Reed Family, Johann Philib Ried in Europe and America
W.H. Reed, Ph. G., M.D., Norristown, Pennsylvania, 1929.
Page 449-450.

Kindly transcribed by Barb Donathan.


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The Family Record of Lieutenant Colonel Jacob Reed.

Jacob Reed originally started the record of his family on the fly leaf of a copy of Johann Philipp Widder’s Book of Sermons, which was printed in Germany in 1747. The entries are in German, and are written by himself. Not many years passed before he learned that space in this book was too small for his growing family. He then obtained a huge Bible and continued the record in that book. Both of the books are in my possession. The record as entered here, reads:--

“On May 20, 1755, is Jacob Riedt and Magdalena Leidisin (Leidy) married.
“To Jesus my Master I owe this debt.
“1756, October 2, is my first son born, was given in holy baptism, named ‘Filip’ (Philip); baptized by M. (Mister) Reiss; godparents, Phillipp and Fronica (Veronica) Riedt (grandparents).
“1756, April 29, is my second son born, was given in holy baptism, named ‘Johann Jacob,’ baptized by (name not legible); godparents, Jacob Leidi (Leidy) and wife Barbara (child’s uncle and aunt).
“He, Johann Jacob (the child) lived with us four weeks only.”

On the opposite page we find this entry:--

“Philip Riedt died on the 19th day of June, 1819, his age was 62 years, 8 mos. 2 weeks and 3 days.”

The record now continues in a huge family Bible. The book is printed in German, by August de La Carrieie, and was bound in leather over board, artistically decorated, by ---------- Drechler, Carlos-Rhue, Germany, in 1748. Written on the inside of the first page cover, we read: --

“On December 31, 1757, have I Jacob Riedt, bought this Bible at a public vendue, paying for it 27 shillings and six pence.” (Singed) Jacob Reed.

Then follow these interesting entries:--

“1783, Sept. 3, Phillipp Riedt, my father, died. His funeral text, Johannes II Chapt., verses 25:26. Aged 85 years, 7 mos., 9 days.
“1792, December 13, my mother Fronica Riedtin, died, aged 90 years, 10 months; born a Berckysin, in Switzerland, in the Canton of Berne. Her funeral text, Isaiah, 28 chapter., ver. 1.”

The first page or fly leaf, is missing, evidently having been torn out, for what reason I do not know. On the inside of the cover, the back of the book, is written:--

“This book belongs to Jacob Riedt.”

In the back of the book on the fly leaf, in the handwriting of Jacob Reed, continues the record of the remainder of his children:--

“1759, August 4, ‘Anna Margaret,’ (Anna Margretha), my first daughter was born: baptized by (Rev.) Mister Reiss; sponsors,Margreta Leidisin, (Margretha Leidy), (an aunt of the child).
“1762, March 28th, ‘Johann Jacob’ (John Jacob), my third son was born; baptized by (Rev.) M. (Mister) Reiss; sponsors, Andreas Rieth and wife Anna Maria, (uncle and aunt of the child).
“1764, December 8, ‘Anna Elisabet,’ (Anna Elizabeth), my second daughter was born, baptized by (Rev.) M. (Mister) Reiss; sponsor, Elizabet Shellenbergin, (Elizabeth Shellenberger).
“1767, June 17, ‘Johanis’ (John), my fourth son was born, baptized by (not legible); sponsors, Johannes Eberhard and wife Elizabeth (Reed), (uncle and aunt)."

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