Reed Bible

The Reed Family Bible that was passed down to me has been in the family for years and years, have no date when it was published. This is what I would like to know, a close date when the bible was published.

The Bible is leather bound with raised design and the designs are in gold, the size of the Bible is 10in. wide and 13in. length and 6in. thick. In the Bible there is a place for family albums, dates and birth records of the Reeds. And on the maps that are in the Bible, "one Example is of Modern Egypt" at the bottom in fine print is a name I think it is the publisher "W & A.K. Johnston, Edinburgh and London. [Note: I cannot find anything on this publisher in the Herbert "Historical Catalogue of Printed Bibles". It might have just printed the engravings. TSC]

On the cover it has a brass clasp to keep the Bible closed. If anyone can give me close date when the Bible was published would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you .......Bill Reed



[Page One -- Births]

William Reed Ha[???] Molden Nass June 13th, 1940

James Henery Reed June th 15 1885
Aurther William Reed Juna th 29 1887

Mabel May Reed July th 2 1889

Maudee Norreen Oram Reed April 5th 1889

William Arether Reed Sep th 4 1861

??? ??? ??? Dec th 4 18?6

John J. Reed ??? ??? ???

Minnie May Reed May 8 190?

Mable May Reed April 21st 1910

Glades Tressa Reed May 27th 1911

Ethel Lousia Reed March 26th 1913

Bertram Melbourne June 4th 1915

Alma Letitia Reed January 17th 1918

Le Roy Gladstone April 12th 1919

Arthur Ernest June 7th 1920

James Hazen Nov. 22nd 1922

Erma Chris??? Dec. 2nd 1930


[Page Two -- Deaths]

Mable May Reed died April 14th 1893

Theresa? Reed died May 29/42

Lousia Oram died July 15/42

William Arthur Reed died June 13/45

Mary Elizabeth Smith May 17 1933

William George Reinhart Jan. 16 1939

John Joseph Reed died Dec. 31 1933

Bertram Melbourne Reed died April 29 1916

Alma Letitia Reed died April 22 1918

Roy Gladstone Reed died Dec. 25/1920

Erma Christine Dec. 2nd 1930

Arthur Earnest Reed Apr. 22, 1977