Regis Bible


REGIS Family Bible

Date submitted : 04 April 94
Submitted by : Jean Ann Palmer (1:340/85)
Property of : Jean Ann Palmer
406-921 North Park Street
Victoria, BC. V8T 1C4.

Bible Name : REGIS BIBLE

Surnames in this Bible : (1)

[ The person named above has the original page which has
been removed at some time from the family bible by persons
unknown. ]

Born In the Year of our Lord.

Harriet Ann Regis June 3rd 1833
Marey Elizabeth Regis November 9th 1834
Emma Jane Regis Febuy 11th 1837
Morris Regis March 25th 1839
Rosetta Rebecca Regis March 2nd 1841
William Regis April 6th 1844
Emily Somes Regis Januy 18th 1846

[ At some time the above date has been crossed out and
26th Januy 1847 added ]

Frederick Regis Novr 24th 1850
Albert Thomas Regis Novr 29th 1853

Morris and Marey Regis Parents of the above
Children Was Born

Morris Regis Born November the 9th 1809
Marey Regis Born Januy the 6th 1810

[ The children were all born at East Langdon, Kent, England. ]

[ Morris Regis was born at East Langdon, Kent, England ]

[ Marey Regis, formerly Barrows/Burrows was born at
Nonnington, Kent, England. ]