Reid Bible


Reid Family Bible

Submitted November 17, 1997 by:
Charles Dobie
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This is transcribed from the LCGS newsletter, September, 1988. The Bible was described as being in the possession
of a private owner (name omitted here). Line endings have not been preserved as the newsletter transcription was

Surnames found in this record:
ATKMAN (witness)
BLACKMAN (witness)
DOUGLAS (clergy)
MCILROY (clergy)


William Reid and Jennet Smith Browning were united by me in Holy
Matrimony, at Poland, on the 5th Jan. 1871. In the presence of George
Atkman & Allen Blackburn.
Signed, Mr. Douglas.

Matthew H. Reid b. 30 Mar 1872, united in holy matrimony with Margaret
Leslie on 7th May 1894 at Clyde Forks in the presence of David Reid
and Lizzie Reid by Rev. James McIlroy.

Their children
Florence Deline Reid 25 September 1895.
Lillian May Reid 27 August 1898.
Viola Reid 14 August 1910.

Florence Reid and Arthur James Wilson were united in Holy Matrimony
at Watsons Corners on 24th Sept 1919 in the presence of Lillian May
Reid and Albert L. Scott, by Rev. R.J. Wilson.

Died at Watsons Corners 7 March 1905 Mr. William Reid, 67 years, 5
months, 13 days.
Lillian May Reid d. 18 Jan 1920, 21 years 5 months 1 day.
Viola Reid d. 16 Aug 1910, aged 2 days.
Jessie Smith Browning, widow of William Reid died at Watsons Corners,
Ontario, 20 July 1928, aged 78 years, 2 days.
Matthew Henry Reid died at McDonalds Corners, Ont., 12 Dec. 1934 aged
62 years 9 months, 18 days.
Mrs. Arthur Wilson nee Florence D. Reid, d. 24 May 1938, aged
43 years, 9 months.