Robinson Bible

Bible has been in a fire, with the covers moderately burned.
Inscription on the inside is "John Robinson, Albany, New York,
1837". There are at least five different handwritings.

Andrus and Judd, Lee Street, 1836.

Currently in the possession of Tracy St. Claire, .


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[Page One -- Marriages]

John Robinson and Eliza Jefferson were married May 20, 1833
at Albany, N. York

John Robinson and Elizabeth Traber were married May 4th 1849 -
at Albany, N. Y.

Wilson Robinson and Mary L. Bartholemew were married 24th
April 1859 By Rev. J. N. Wyckoft at Albany

Elizabeth Robinson and Chester C. Shaw were married 30th April
1866 by Rev. Dr. Wyckoft at Albany, N.Y.

Jane Anne Robinson and Charles P. Ogden were married 25th
June 1868 by Rev. J. ???dorf at Albany, N.Y.
note certificate of the above is erroneously dated July 8, 1868

John Robinson Jun and Susan E. Boutin were married February
15th 1871 by Rev. N. E. Collins at Rensselaerville Albany Co N.Y.

Susan Boutin Robinson married Charles N. Ludington April 28, 1897 --

[Page Two -- Births]

Wilson Robinson Born May 7th 1836 at 6 Minutes to
3 OClock Morning Albany N.Y.

Jane Ann Robinson Born June 25th, 1838 30 Minutes past
3,OClock Afternoon Albany N.Y.

Elizabeth Robinson born November 25th 1841 15 Minutes past
7,OClock Evening Albany N.Y.

John Robinson Junr Born August 18th 1845 20 Minutes
to 3,OClock Morning Albany N.Y.

William Robinson Born January 18, 1848 30 Minutes past
5OClock Morning Albany, N.Y.

Henrietta Robinson Born March 18th 1852 30 Minutes
past 8 OClock PM Albany, N.Y.

[Page Three -- Births]

Children of John Robinson and Susan Esther Boutin

Susan Boutin Robinson Born Nov 11 - 1871

John Matthew Robinson Born Feb 8 - 1873
Died Mar 9 - 1894

Elizabeth Shaw Robinson Born March 22 - 1886

Children of Susan R. Ludington and Charles N. Ludington
- married Apr. 28. 1897

Maude Born Sept. 27 - 1899 -

Eleanor Born May 23 - 1904

[Page Four -- Deaths]

My Beloved Wife Eliza Jefferson, Departed this life on
Wednesday, 21st November, 1/4 past 7 OClock
Afternoon, 1838

William Robinson died 13th July 1852 twenty Minutes
after 10.OClock A.M. at Albany N.Y.

Henrietta Robinson died 23rd July 1859 ten Minutes
after twelve OClock at Albany, N.Y.

Wilson Robinson Died October 25, 1873 6 OClock
A.M. at Albany N.Y.

John Robinson Died Dec 26th 8:50 A.M. 1879 Aged
71 Years 2 Months 15 Days.

Elizabeth Traber Wife of John Robinson Died Dec 28
1890 in her 75th year

Jane Ann Robinson died July 21/94 Wife of Chas P. Ogden

Elizabeth Robinson wife of Chester C. Shaw died Dec 28/95

John Robinson died July 22 1922 - 78 years old

Susan E. Robinson - his wife - died March 22 - 1899 --

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