Rohse Bible


ROHSE / ROSE Family Hymn Book

Submitted June 22, 1995 by:
Charles Dobie,
P. O. Box 581,
Smiths Falls, ON, Canada.
K7A 4T6


Charles Dobie of Perth, Ontario found this hymnal in the shelves at
"The Book Gallery" in Carleton Place, Ontario, the 1st week of June,
1995. The owner did not know the source of the book; he has two
stores, one in Carleton Place and the other in Arnprior, so there
is no way of telling which town was the source.

Charles was allowed to copy the pages containing the birth / death
entries which are written on the two blank pages before the title

The entries are in German, and the translation from the difficult
caligraphy into readable German then into English was done by
Johanna Bakker of Victoria, BC. Both the German and the English
versions are presented here. A few words were indistinct, or have
two choices regarding their meaning. These are indicated within
square brackets.

Surnames in this record:


--=Title Page



Gottesdienstlichen Gebrauch

fur [fuer]

Evangelische Gemeinen


Mit Genehmigung

Eines hohen Ministreii der geishichen

Neunte Anlage nebst Anhang

Berlin ```***********``` 1874
* *** *

Verlag der Koeniglichen Geheimen

(R. v. Decker)

--=First page

Augusta Mathilda ROHSE gebohren den 1 ten Dezember 1868, gestorben
den 30 ten Aprill 1869.

Maria Louise Ged[--?] ROHSA ist gebohren den 6 ten Aprill 1870,
gestorben den 24 ten September 1874.

Anna Gelle[na?] Martha ROHSE ist gebohren den 28 ten Marz [Maerz]
1872, gestorben den 13 ten September 1874.

Die Kleine ist geboren den 30 October 1873.

L--nrt[-?] ROSE ist geboren den 5 ten Juli 1878

--=Second page

Maria Magdalena ROSE ist geboren den 13 ten Aprill 1875 und
gestorben den 12 ten September 1877.

[in another handwriting],
Reinhold ROSE burn 1842 the 16 April died 1895 the 18 December
old 53 - 8 Months 2 days.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

English translation

Surnames in this record:


--=Title page


for the

Use of Divine Services [Public Worship]


Evangelical [Protestant] Believers


With Authorization
Of a High Spiritual Affairs Office

Ninth Edition incl. appendix

Berlin ********* 1874
` *** `

Published by the "Royal Secrets Higher Court
[Palace] Book Printing Works"

(R. v. Decker)

--First page

Augusta Matilda ROHSE born the 1st December 1868, died the 30th
April 1869.

Maria Louise Ged[--?] ROHSA is born the 6th April 1870, died
the 24th September 1874.

Anna Gelle[na?] Martha ROHSE is born the 28th March 1872, died
the 13th September 1874.

The little one is born the 30 October 1873.

L--nrt[-?] [possibly Leonard?] ROSE is born the 5th July 1878
[or 1870?].

--=Second page

Maria Magdelena ROSE is born the 13th April 1875 and died the
12th September 1877.

Reinhold ROSE born 1842 16 April, died 1895 18 December, age 53
[yrs] 8 months 2 days.