Rudland Bible

This Bible record was transcribed from Fragmenta Genealogica,
Volume 10, Frederick Arthur Crisp, 1904, p 4.


Below this line, verbatim from source, except for some minor
formatting changes.


Rudland Family

Caroline Elizabeth Rudland, Born November 4th at 7 Oclock in the
Morning 1833, The Daughter of Betsey and George Harrington Rudland,
Surgeon, Halesworth.

Sarah Anna Maria Rudland, Born May 12th 1835 at Twenty Minutes
Past Nine o'Clock in the Morning.

Ellen Rosa Rudland Born February 24, 1837 at Half Past Five in the

Harrington Archer Rudland Born December 13, 1838 Twenty Minutes
Past Eight in the Morning.

Frederic Spratlin Rudland Born August 3rd 1840 Half Past Eight in the

George Willis Rudland Born 13 of February 1843 at Twenty Seven
Minutes after Two Oclock in the Afternoon.

George Willis Rudland Died Novbr 8th 1856.

My dear Mother Died July 12th 1847 Aged 82 Years.

My dear Father Died May 15th 1855 Aged 76 Years.

Sarah Anna Maria Rudland Died June 5th 1857.

Frederic Spratlin Rudland Died August.

My dear Husband George Harrington Rudland Died March 14th 1869.

Caroline Elizabeth Bell Died March 11th 1873.

From a Bible with Apocrypha, "Oxford: Printed by T. Wright and W. Gill,
Printers to the University, MDCCLXXVII;" in my possession. --F.A.C.