Sampson Bible

This Bible record was transcribed from Fragmenta Genealogica,
Volume 7, Frederick Arthur Crisp, 1902, p 26.

Kindly transcribed by Barb Donovan.


Below this line, verbatim from source.



Memorandum July 27th 1742.
The Rev. Thomas Sampson was married to Mary Brown, daughter of William Brown, Gentleman, of the Parish of Wandsworth, in Chelsea College Chapel by the Rev. Mr. Rothes.

July 23rd 1742. Mary Ann Sampson born at Chelsea College, her Godmothers, my Mother Brown, and Sister Ann Brown, her Godfather Mr. Theodore Hudshon, Gentleman, of Wandsworth. Nursed by Mrs. Nicholls of Wandsworth.

March -- 174-. Thomas Wandell Sampson born at Chelson College in ye morning, his Godfather Lancelot Storey and George Mertin Esqs, his Godmother Mrs. Houston. Nursed by Nurse Stanly at Chelsea.

August 7th 1747th. William Wandell Sampson born at Chelsea, his Godfathers B. Darley Esq, and Doctor Watson, his Godmother Mrs. Turner. Nursed at Nurse Turners at Wandsworth.

August 5th 1748. Elizabeth Sampson born at Wandsworth at noon, her Godmothers Mrs. Rice and Mrs. Weddel of - - her Godfather K. Faulkener of Wandsworth, Esq. Nursed by Nurse Radux of Wandsworth.

George Sampson born at Wandsworth July 5th 1749 in the morning, his Godfathers were Charles Lowns and Christopher Low of the Treasury Esq. His Godmother my Sister Ann Brown. Nursed at home.

April 1st 1751. Jane Sampson born at Wandsworth at about 8 in the morning, her Godmothers Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Marston, her Godfather Mr. Draper. Nursed at home.

June 22nd 1753. Christopher Sampson born at noon at Wandsworth, his Godmother my Sister Anne Browne. Nursed at home.

Charles Sampson born May 1st 1755 in the morning at Wandsworth, his Godfathers the right Honourable Lord Charles Manners and Major Brown, his Godmother Miss Gulstone. Nursed at home.

George Fredrick John Sampson born July 7th 1759, in the morning at Brentford Butts, his Godfathers were his Royal Highness George, Prince of Wales, and the Right Honourable John, the Earl of Bute, his Godmother her Grace the good Duchess of Sommerset. Nursed at home.

From a leaf of a Family Bible, in the possession of Herbert Charles Wynn Sampson, great grandson of the above-named Rev. Thomas Sampson. -- F.A.C.