Seldon Bible

This page was separated from the Bible, so the
date of the Bible is unknown. It is a single page front and
back, with a lovely etching on the reverse. It was trimmed
to almost exactly 8.5" x 11", making me suspect that
someone framed the etching. Provinence is unknown,
but this is obviously an old piece on rag paper. I
estimate circa 1800 or earlier.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


-----------------TRANSCRIPT STARTS-----------------

Raymond Seldon & Ann Seldon's Children
Elizabeth Seldon Bapt. Nov 6th 1776 Children
Grace Seldon Bapt. April 30th 1778 Children
Ann Seldon Bapt. Sep. 8th 1780 Children
Raymond Seldon Bapt.Feb'y 17th 1785 Children
William Seldon Bapt. May 19th 1786
Jenney Seldon Bapt. April 2nd 1790
John Seldon Bapt. Jan'y 5th 1792
Richard Seldon Bapt. June 9th 1795
Samuel Seldon Bapt. June 22nd 1797
Robert Seldon Bapt. June 26th 1799

Jn. Seldon His Hand and God Blefs King George and
all his men July 29th 1804

---------------END TRANSCRIPT----------------