Shirk Bible Pages

This is the family records section of a Bible.
These were separated from the Bible itself,so
it is difficult to date. Please I am transcribing
these records with no knowledge of German, please
double-check with the scans before using this

Currently in possession of Tracy St. Claire, ,



[Page One -- Marriages]

Joel Shirk main father ist gebohren den 3 february
ihm yohr 1805

John Shirk ist gebohren den 26th february ihm
yohr 1834

Michael Shirk ist gebohren den 29th December ihm
yohr 1835

Susanna Shirk ist gebohren den 27th January ihm yohr
1841 gestharben den 18 April

Henry Shirk ist gebohren den 20th february ihm
yohr 1842

Elizabeth Shirk mein muther ist gebohren den 20
October ihm yohr 1811

Levi Shirk ist gebohren den 20th November ihm
yohr 1844 gestharben 1851

Sarah Shirk ist gebohren den 24th July ihm yohr

Adam Shirk ist gebohren den 2th March ihm yohr

[Page Two -- Births]

Ruben Shirk was born December the 8 1853

Anna Kurtz was born the 12 day of September A.D.

John Kurtz was born in January 16 A.D. 1825

Father 1893 John Kurtz died October the 7 aged 68
years 1893

Mother Anna Kurtz died March 19 day 1916
age 83 years 6 month 7 days

[Page Three -- Births]

Catharine Elizabeth Kurtz was born the 3 day
of September in the year 1853 and died the same day.

Emma [Emmahala crossed out] Kurtz was born
the 28 day of November in the year 1855

Maryallen Kurtz was born the 30they of October
in the year 1858 and died the 13 day of December
in the year 1862

[Page Four -- Births]

Susan Kurtz was born the 18 day of October
in the year 1862

Ira Kurtz was born the 13 day of October in the year

Ira Kurtz died November the 18 aged 26 years
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