Shoup Bible

The Bible is The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New
Testaments, New York, American Bible Society, 1846.

Currently in possession of Tracy St. Claire, ,

The seller sold this as the "Sharp" Bible, but it is a "Shoup"
Bible upon inspection. There are some VERY recent
entries in this Bible, making me wonder whether it was
accidentally lost or stolen.

Some entries were overwritten in pencil, and my transcription
is of the pencil.

Obituary of Emory Jackson (died 1966) enclosed, obituary
of "Buster" (dog at Jackson home) and a Reward of Merit
(names illegible).


----------------START TRANSCRIPT------------------------------

[Page One -- Inside Front Cover]

Abraham Shoup Was Born October the 18th
1812 Died Feb 1886 aged 74 years

Jane Shoup Was Born July the 20th 1810
Died Nov. 5 1875
My maternal great-grandparents

Wm. Abraham Larue 1905-1982

[Page Two -- Front Flyleaf]

John S. Welcher was born June the 9

Wm. Patrick LaRue Born Apr. 16, 1953
Wash. D.C.
son of Wm. A. LaRue

Devin Patrick LaRue
Born July 7, 1992
St. Pete, Fl.
son of W. Patrick LaRue

[Page Three -- Reverse Front Flyleaf]

Lidea Ann Shoup was born Aprile the
8 1846 Died 1905 Age 59

James L. Shoup was born July 15 1848

[very light] Wilson [??] Shoup born November
?? 1855

[Page Four -- Front Pages]

Mary S. Shoup was born June the 11 1835

Christeana Shoup was born August 6th 1836

Delia Shoup was born July the 27 1838

Margaret Elenor Shoup was born August the 27
1841 Aunt Margaret died about 1922

Thomas Henry Shoup was born January the
9 1844

[Page Five -- Back Pages]

William Shoup Was born November the 6 [??]

John Shoup was born November the 6 1854
and departed this life February 2 1863 [??]

[Page Six -- Back Pages]

Hannah Welcher was born March 21 1861

John S. Welcher was born June 9 1858 [??]

and Departed her life December 20 1871
She was 10 years 9 months one day at her death

William A. ?? was born October the 15 1871

[Page Seven -- Back Pages]

Jane Shoup was born July the 20th 1810

[Page Eight -- Inside Back Cover]

Jane Shoup Was Born July the 20 1810
And Died November The 5 1875 Aged
65 years and 8 months 16 days

Jane Shoup Departed this Life November the 5th

My great grandmother
W. A. LaRue [signed]

[Page Nine -- Inserted Paper]

Vin cen nes [??] and Feb 12/73
Received of Abraham Shoup Cash one dollar
+ seventy five cents

Dr. John R. Mantle
Per B.A. Kendall

-----------------------------------END TRANSCRIPT---------------