Spangenberg Bible

This Bible was submitted by
Bill Barber in December, 2001.

I recently acquired a Bible from a family member who thought it was of our ancestors. She found it in her garage, but has no idea where it came from...I find no connections to our family. I have tried the Rootseb Surname Lists, but no connections. I would like to get it to someone in one of these families. Do you accept new listings? Here are the bmds:

The names appear to be from Union, NJ, Sussex County, NJ. and Wayne County, PA according to

The dates for Births go back to Thomas SPANGENBERG in 1775 thru Constance Walker in 1898.
Marriages start in 1798.
Deaths start in 1811 and go thru Franklin Doughty Lanier WALKER in 1898.

The Surnames appearing in these records are:


While the handwriting is very clear, no geographical town names are mentioned. I suspect these are NJ and PA families.
If anyone is researching any of these names, please contact me (Bill Barber) directly via email.
My email address is:

Here are the WALKER transcriptions:

John E. WALKER born August 10, 1833
John E. WALKER m. Fannie H. HAM on Oct. 20, 1867
John E. WALKER died May 11, 1881
Fannie H. WALKER m. Henry C. LOCKWOOD on May 23, 1882
Josephine Ross WALKER born July 9, 1873
Josephine Ross WALKER m. William T. MINOR on March 31, 1891
Kate Lottie WALKER born July 6, 1868
Katharine L. WALKER m. William L. DURYEA on October 5, 1891
Franklin Doughty Lanier WALKER born Jan. 20, 1870
F.D. Lanier WALKER m. Sara Anne SANCHEZ on Dec. 13, 1893
Franklin Doughty Lanier WALKER died Sept. 20, 1898 at NYC of fever contracted while in service, US Army, Chattanooga, TN
Helen WALKER born July 10, 1895
Helen WALKER died Feb. 12, 1897
F.D. Lanier WALKER, 2d born July 7, 1897
Constance WALKER born Sept. 28, 1898

Here are the LEWIS transcriptions:

John W. LEWIS born ?
John W. LEWIS m. Catharine S. ROBERTS on Dec. 15, 1833
John W. LEWIS died Feb. 16, 1865
Catharine LEWIS nee ROBERTS, died Sept. 8, 1876
Thomas S. LEWIS born Feb. 5, 1836
Francis H. LEWIS born July 6, 1840
Fannie H. LEWIS m. James HAM on July 11, 1859
John E. LEWIS born Aug. 26, 1838
John E. LEWIS m. Laura A. CHACE on March 10, 1864
Edward L. LEWIS born Nov. 22, 1843
Jessie L. LEWIS born April 21, 1865
Mabel C. LEWIS born March 7, 1868
Wallace LEWIS born ?
Minnie H. LEWIS born ?
Charles S. LEWIS born ?
Leon Allen LEWIS born Nov. 20, 1868

Here are the SPANGENBERG transcriptions:

Thomas SPANGENBERG born June 7, 1775
Thomas SPANGENBERG m. Susan HEADLEY on January 2, 1798
Susan SPANGENBERG nee HEADLEY died Sept 25, 1824
Elizabeth SPANGENBERG born June 21, 1799
Elizabeth SPANGENBERG m. John RAYMOND on Sept. 5, 1819
Phoebe SPANGENBERG born June 21, 1801
Phebe SPANGENBERG died March 3, 1814 by fire
Catharine SPANGENBERG born Sept. 19, 1803
Catharine SPANGENBERG m. Jesse ROBERTS on Oct. 16, 1823
Louisa SPANGENGERG born Sept. 24, 1806
Louise SPANGENBERG m. Samuel HANFORD on April 13, 1828
Joseph H. SPANGENBERG born July 4, 1809
Robert SPANGENBERG born March 24, 1811
Robert SPANGENBERG died March 27, 1811
Thomas SPANGENBERG, Jr. m. Maria KELLOGG on Dec. 24, 1826
Thomas SPANGENBERG died April 8, 1864
Maria K. SPANGENBERG nee KELLOGG died Nov. 22, 1850
John S. SPANGENBERG born Aug. 22, 1812
John S. SPANGENGERG m. Susan A. BROWN on June 16, 1833
Phebe Ann SPANGENBERG born Jan. 14, 1815
Phebe Ann SPANGENBERG died April 13, 1815
Dan. Dimmick SPANGENBERG born May 20, 1816
Dan Dimmick SPANGENBERG died May 16, 1822
Julia Ann SPANGENBERG born Dec. 9, 1817
Julia Ann SPANGENBERG died August 8, 1833
Joseph H. SPANGENBERG died Nov. 13, 1843
Ester SPANGENBERG born Dec. 24, 1820
Frederick A. SPANGENBERG born July 17, 1834
Frederick A. SPANGENBERG m. Fannie ILGINFRITZ on July 4, 1857
Thomas W. G. SPANGENBERG born Feb. 1839
Francis A. SPANGENBERG born March 8, 1845
Ellen A. SPANGENBERG born May 8, 1858
Frank SPANGENBERG born ?
Frank SPANGENBERG died March 23, 1861
Charlie F.SPANGENBERG born Feb. 1861
Brustr H. SPANGENBERG born April 2, 1864

Jesse Roberts married Catharine Spangenberg Oct. 16, 1823
Their children and grandchildren:

Dan. S. Roberts born Jan. 31, 1825, he married Almira Lamoreaux on July 4,
Susan E. Roberts born Oct. 17, 1831
Catharine Roberts married John W. Lewis on Dec. 15, 1833
Sally Pursel Roberts born May 8, 1866 died Dec. 28, 1866
Harry Raymond Roberts born July 22, 1872
Thomas Austin Roberts born 1848
Mary Adelade Roberts born 1851
Emma S. Roberts born 1853
Charles Roberts born 1855
Carrie A. Roberts born 1858
William Roberts born 1859
George W. Roberts born 1862