Spangle Bible

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments, Segners
& Condit, Columbus Ohio, No Date.

This Bible was transcribed by and is in the
possession of Tracy St. Claire, .

This Bible is in very good shape with the original binding and
protective tissues still intact. There is a lot of paper
ephemera within the pages, which I list and scan but in most
cases not transcribe.


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[Page One -- State of Michigan Marriage Return]

State of Michigan
County of Branch Return of a Marriage
Full Name of Bridegroom: Henery Spangle
Residence: Jackson, Stuben Co, Ind.
Age: Fifty Two years
Color: W
Birthplace: N.Y.
Occupation: Farming
Full Name of Bride: Sarah Metzger
Residence: Jackson, Stuben Co, Ind.
Age: Thirty Two years
Color: W
Birthplace: Adams, Seneca Co., Ohio
The parties were joined in matrimony at Bethel
by me, this 25th day of Sept., A.D. 1873
In Presence of:
Wilson McAlister at Bethel
Harriet McAlister at Bethel
Signed R.J. Martin Bethel Branch County Mich,
Minister of the Gospel

[Page Two -- Births]

Henry Spangle was born in the year 1821 March the 8
Ontario County Hopewell Tp State New York

Sarah Spangle was born in the year 1841 Febuary 22
Seneca County Adams township state Ohio

Estel Henry Spangle was born January fourth 1902
died febuary twenty 1902 jackson tw steauben county

[Page Three-- Births]

Carrie Spangle was born in steauben county Jackson
township state of indiana November the 10 1874

Clyde Spangle Was born in steuben county Jackson
township state indiana January the 3 1877

C.H. Hellinger Was born in steuben county Jackson
township state indiana november the 10 1894

Tenseil [??] Hellinger was born in morrow co. Ohio
november 9, 1896

C.B. Hellinger born in morrow co, Ohio feb 1, 1900

[Page Four -- Deaths]

Carrie Spangle Hellinger Died june 16 1905 thirty years
9 mos 6 da

Henrey Spangle was born March 8 1821 died August 13
1903 age 86 years 5 mo 5 days

[Page Five -- Letter]

November the 18, 1866
Dier friends I wish to inform you that we are all well at
this time hoping that this will find you all in good health.
I am sorry to inform you of sad news our mother is no more
amoung the living. She died on the 10th day of November
at 6 o'clock in the evening and was buried on the twelfth
I do not think that she had any sicknefs more then old age
thirteen days before her death she slep nearly all day and
her appetite failed and she complained of great weeknefs
and in a few days she was helplefs we had to lift her in bed
and out of bed on the pot and of the pot she was not able to
turn herself round in bed from this time to her end she was
was very short in breath but during all this time she had
no pain only great weeknefs but she was not bedfast she
set on her chair perhaps half of the time She was perfectly
resigned to the will of God and Every evening her prayer
was that if it was the lords will that might be her last
night on earth She still became weeker from day to day the
2 last days and one night I don't think that she set or
laid twenty minets at one time if she laid she said I
should put her on the chair so that she could rest a little
after setting a little she wanted to lay down to rest She
was Censable to her end Sometimes she would get a little
flity for a few minets then all was right again About
five minets before her end She wanted me to put her on
her Chair and as soon as She sat she wanted in bed again
I laid her down again for the last time She then repeated
severel hymns in our Small hymn book and in a few minets
She died, I never saw a person die so easy it appeard
more like falling asleep
her funerel sermon was preached by Andrew Suartz to a
large congredation the text you can find in pauls first
letter to the thessalonians the fourth chapter and the
fourteenth verse her age was eighty three years five months
and twenty one days
thus you see dier friends our mother in dead and we shall
see her no more in this world but let us all live so that
we may meet her in heaven for I am shure she is thare
I will also inform that aunt Polly Gentzel in dead she
died the same day that mother was buried her age was 74
years the month and days I dont remember
No more but remain yours peas answer this
Amos A. Leist

[Miscellaneous Clippings and Documents]


Obit of Sarah Metzgar Spangler (1841-1912)
Obit of Clarrie Bell Metzgar (1867-1870)
Clipping of "The President is Dead", I think McKinley
Clipping of classmates of Angola High School Class of 1902
Obit of Caroline Weatherwax Newton (1817-1908)
Obit of Jane McBride Griffin (1839-1908)
Obit of Clyde Wolford (1877-1907)
Obits of John G. Parker (1838-1907) and Edwin Parker (1841-1907) brothers died within a short time
Marriage Announcement Wm. Wolcott and Blanche Doudt (1906)
Obit of John Thomas Ransburg (1835-1907)
Obit of Elizabeth Ransburg (1838-1906)


State of Michigan marriage return for Sarah Metzger and Henry Spangle
Calling card from Mrs E.P. Alcott -- With sympathy & love
Calling card from Mrs. Gosson -- With love to Baby and Sympathy to Father
Letter, 11/18/1866 from Amos Leist to "friends" reporting of his mother's death
Various (6) receipts and cancelled checked of Henry Spangle
Very large, civil war fire insurance policy for Henry Spangle
Financial report of that same fire company
Chatty letter from Ed Vollmen to Henry Spangle which apparently accompanied $1000 gold


Mahala Weis, Cousin
Mother (I am guessing Mary Leist Metzgar)
Uncle Jake Leist
Uncle John Leist
Aunt Sarah Kurtz
Aunt Elizabeth Leist Bollander (with husband)
Uncle Amos Leist (with wife)
Amos Leist
Andrew Metzgar

Unidentified couple
Unidentified 30ish woman
Unidentified Baby
Unidentified elderly woman
Unidentified 20ish woman
Unidentified 2 small boys
Unidentified parents and two girls (ages 8 & 10 abouts)

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