Spencer Bible

The front title page is missing, but the New Testament
title page identifies this as a 1769 Cambridge (England)
edition, printed by John Archdeacon, Printer to the

It is possibly the crown jewel of my collection, with its
old age and detailed genealogy.

The genealogy section is written on the pages inserted opposite the
NT title page. It is contemporary, complex and hard to read.
PLEASE view the scans to confirm my transcript's accuracy
before using this information. Newer entries are intersperced
with older ones.

Page two and its reverse, page three, had been folded to pocket
size and contains repetition of some other entries.

This Bible is currently in the possession of Tracy St. Claire




[Page One -- Reverse of NT Title Page]

My father Died on February 20th AD 1800 and was seventy eight
years old.

My mother Died July 22th AD 1792 in her sixty seventh year
of her age

Thankful Spencer the first Died July 24th 1785

Samuel Spencer Died in Sunbury in Georgia July 5th AD 1786
in the 38 year of his age

Thankful Spencer wife of Julius Hollister Died the 4th of July
1871 aged 81

My wife Rachel Spencer Died on the thirtieth day of January
1807 aged forty seven

My wife Hannah Spencer Died the 5 day of March AD 1815 aged 44 years

Lovina Spencer Born July 21th 1786

Sally Spencer Born Aguft 13th 1788

Thankful Spencer Born Junary 27th 1791

Sally Spencer Died November 1 AD 1795 aged seven years 2 months
and 18 days

Charles Hollister Died the 5 of December 1812
a child Bourn March 12th 1811

Sally Spencer Bourn November 21st 1813

Hannah Spencer born March 23rd 1815

Job Brewster Spencer Born January 19th 1823
[written above the date is 67, and someone subtracted to
44, so I assume that is his death date]

[Page Two -- Page Inserted, Looks Much Older]

An Account of the Birth of the Children of Job Spencer and
Rebekah Spencer

Asa Spencer Born Sept. first AD 1747

Samuel Spencer Born October 5th 1749

Elifhay [??] Spencer Born March 23th 1752

Thankful Spencer Born November 28th 1753

Tryphena Spencer Born June 22th 1756

Thankful Spencer Born March 22th 1759

Job Spencer Born October 10th 1761

Efther S. Spencer Born January 29th 1764

An account of the death of their parents my mother
Hepzibah Spencer Died the 13 day of September 1745 aged
sixty seven

My Farther Died in March 1748 aged eighty

Our daughter Thankful first Died Jul 24 - 1758

Farther Chapman Died Spt 3th 1759 aged 70 years

Mouther Chapman Died October 1781 aged 93 years

[Page Three -- Insert, reverse of Page Two]

an account of the death of our parents and their

Thankful the first Died July 24th 1758

Samuel Spencer Died July 5th--1786 in Sunbury
in Georgia in 36 year of age

Giddeon Buckingham Died the 19th of June 1782

Our mother Rebekah Spencer Died July 22th 1792
in the 67 year of her age

Our farther Job Spencer Died February 20th 1800
and was seventy eight years old

Samuel Spencer Died the 2 Day Febuary 1796
and was 92 years old

Lydia Church Died October 4th 1782

Jabez Chapman Died October 13th 1782

Sally Spencer Died November 1st 1795 and was seven
years old

Lovina Spencer Born July 21st 1786

Sally Spencer Born Aguft 13th 1788

Thankfull Spencer Bourn Junary 27th 1791

John S. Spencer Bourn March 1777 in Sunbury

Hefter Spencer Bourn October 1780

Love Spencer Born Janary 1782

[Page Four -- Another inserted page, perhaps the
missing front flyleaf of this Bible]

Job Spencer Bible Bought of Luther Holly
in Salifbury

In the year 1777 Mr Daniel Brainerd Died in Janery
ninth day in the 55 year of his age

My Brother William Dyed in ye year 1782

My Brother Samuel Dyed in ye year 1796 in
february ye 2th 92 year old his age

My Brother Edward Spencer Died in ye 1 day March 1796

Lovina Spencer

John Spencer Born in year 1777 in March

Hester Spencer Born Octob ye 1780

Love Spencer Born

[Page Five -- Reverse of Page Four]

East Haddam the account of the Children of Job and
Rebekah Spencer

Asa Born Septm ye first day 1744

Samuel Born Octobr ye 5 1749

Elepher born Novembr 28 1753

Tryphena born June 22 1756

Thankful ye 2 Born March 22 1759

Job Born Octobr 10 1761

Esther Seldin Born Jeneory 29 1764
[undeneath is written 1869-1764=105
possibly her death date?]

an account of ye death of their parents and
children my mother Hepsiba Died the nite after
ye 13 of Septm 1745 Her age was sixty seven
ye crimas [??]

my father died March 1748

thank our dafter died July 24 1758

father chapman died Septm 3 1759

mother chapman died october 1781 in ye 93 year
of her age

our soon Samuel died at Sunbery in gorga in ye
July ye 5 1788

Lydia Church died october ye 4 1782

Jabez Chapman Junr died Octob ye 13 1782 29 years

Giddeon Buckingham died ye 9 day of June 1792

my Wife Rebackah died July ye 22 1792 in ye 67
year of her age

[Page Six -- Letter adressed to Nathan Goodwin,
Hartford, circa 1850?]

In Rev. Adam Reid's Historical Address before the
Congregational Church in Salisbury Conn., November
30, 1844, Note C., it is stated that Rev. Jonathan
Lee, first Pastor of the first Church in Salisbury,
Conn., was married September 3, 1744, to Elizabeth
Metcalf, step daughter of President Clapp of Yale

I observed to Mr. Reid, when I saw him at his own
house in Salisbury, in November, 1850, that I thought
I could give him some account of the parentage of
the wife of Mr. Lee; but I find myself unable to do
it. In reference to the subject, I have carefully
examined the Records of Coventry, Conn., the birth
place of Mr. Lee, the Records of Windham [corrected
in pencil to Lebanon] to which [??] the father of
Mr. Lee removed with his family, about 1730, and the
records of Windham, where Mr. Clapp preached, but
without satisfactory result.

On the Church Records of Salisbury is the following

"Deacon Job Spencer came from East Haddam Conn., in
1780. He joined the church February 12, 1784. He was
the son of Deacon Isaac Spencer, of that place, who
was chosen Deacon, 1734, and died Feb. 20, 1800."

In respect to the parentage of Deacon Job Spencer,
there is an error in the entry referred to. Deacon
Spencer was not the son of Deacon Isaac Spencer, of
East Haddam: he was the son of Samuel Spencer, first
of Hartford Conn., then of Colchester, in the same state,
and afterwards of Bolton, Conn., where he died March
26, 1748, in the 80th year of his age, -- and of
Hepzibah his wife, daughter of Deacon Edward Church, of
Hatfield, Mass., one of the ancestors of Chief Justice
Church, of Connecticut.

Deacon Job Spencer was born in Bolton Conn., in 1723,
and was the brother of Philip Spencer, of Salisbury,
deceased, the father of the late Ambrose Spenser, of the
State of New York.

Deacon Job Spencer was brother, also, of Samuel Spencer,
born March 8, 1704/5 who, likewise, settled in Salisbury,
and died in that town Feb. 2, 1796, aged 92, at the
house of his brother Job, as appears by an entry in the
family Bible of the latter.

[Page Seven -- Officers of the First Baptist Church]

Page scanned but not transcribed. I see no relevant

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