Staufer Bible

Die Bibel oder Die ganze Heilige Schrift des
Ulten und Neuen Teftaments, Philadelphia,
Georg M. Mentz, 1830

This is the first Bible I have seen that noted
the astrological signs of those born.

This Bible is currently in the possession of Tracy St. Claire


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[PAGE ONE -- Heirathan]

Abraham Staufer Was Married to Barbara Hostetler
May 25th Anno Domini 1811

[PAGE TWO -- Geburten]

Abraham Staufer was born March 9th A.D. 1785. Sign
of the Cancer, or Crab

Barbara Staufer was born July 4th Anno Domini 1788.
Sign Cancer

Catherine Staufer was born April 18th 1816 A.D. Sign
of the Goat, or Capricornus

John Staufer was born September 25th, A.D. 1818 Sign

Abraham Staufer was born October 31st A.D. 1819 Sign

Martha Staufer was born August 1st 1822 Sign Virgin

Barbara Staufer was born September 13th A.D. 1824
Sign of Taurus, or Bull

[PAGE THREE -- Lodesfalle]

Catherine Staufer Departed this life December 8th
A.D. 1836

Barbara Stauffer Departed this life September
the 9th A.D. 1840

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