Steelman Bible

This is a set of two pages (four sides) that have been
removed from a large Bible. The pages are consistent
with those in the mid-19th century.

Transcribed by and in possession of Tracy St. Claire,

Internet sources place this family in Cape May, NJ.

Scanned images are at .
Please examine these images and make up your own mind --
there are several places that are ambiguous.


[Page One -- Marriages]

Anthony Steelman and Emaline Van Gilder were married
26th February 1849


Jonas Steelman Jr. Born Nov 24th 1833

Joseph Steelman Sr. Born July 29th 1836

[Page Two -- Births]

Cordelia Steelman daughter of Anthony Steelman & Emaline
his wife was born 2d March 1850

Harry Steelman son of Anthony & Emaline his wife was born
January 13th A.D. 1853

Rachel Steelman daughter of Anthony & Emaline Steelman
was born February 15th A.D. 1856

Lincoln Steelman son of Anthony & Emaline Steelman was
born May 7th 1861

Anthony Steelman son of Jonas & Rachel Steelman was born
December 23rd 1823

Emaline Van Gilder daughter of Thos. & Sarah Ann Van Gilder
was born March 26th 1827

Thos Van Gilder son of John & Lydia Van Gilder was born
December 13th A.D. 1801

Sarah Ann Van Gilder daughter of Elijah & Rachel Irelan [?]
was born July 26th A.D. 1806

[Page Three -- Births]

Jonas Steelman
Born Oct 9th 1797

Rachel Steelman
Born May 3rd 1800
Died April 30th 1874

Thomas Steelman
Born Oct. 29th 1821

Anthony Steelman
Born Dec. 23rd 1823

Martha Steelman
Born Jan. 3rd 1826

Thomas Steelman, Jr.
Born May 12th 1828

Phebe Steelman
Born Nov. 7th 1830

Julian Steelman
Born July 26th 1833

Samuel Steelman
Born Dec. 30th 1835

Roxanna Steelman
Born April 7th 1838

Sarah C. Steelman
Born October 8th 1840

Joseph C. Steelman
Born March 5th 1845

Elizabeth Steelman
Born March 10 1847

(Rachel Steelman Marshalls
Great Grand Parents) [in pencil, written later]

Jonas Steelman
married to Rachel
daughter of the Rev.
Joseph and
Sarah Champion
December 20th 1820

Anthony Steelman Deceased Apr. 30th 1900.

Samuel Steelman Deceased June 23 - 1899

Roxanna B. Steelman Still
Deceased Sept. 9th 1902

Sarah C. Steelman
Deceased March 13th 1865

Joseph C. Steelman
Deceased Aug. 11th 1865

Elizabeth Steelman
Deceased March 10th 1847

[Page Four -- Deaths]

Cordelia Steelman
Died 15th June 1851