Stevens Bible

Submitted by Cheryl Natriello, March 2003.

From the Bible of my 3rd great grandparents ( Upper Freehold Twp, Monmouth Co., New Jersey).
The name Stephens below is not a typo; it is exactly how the records are written.


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The Family Register from the
Bible of John L. Stevens and Phoebe (Chambers) Stevens


John L. Stevens was Born the 23 August 1790
Phoebe Chambers was Born the17th January 1793
Ruth Stevens was Born the 26 October 1812
Ezekiel C. Stevens was Born the 1st of April 1814
Emily M. Stevens was Born the 7th October 1816
Louiza Stevens was Born the 18 November 1818
James C. Stevens was Born the 27th May 1821
John L. Stevens was Born the 9th November 1823
Margaret C. Stevens was Born the 15 January 1826
Charles P. Stephens was Born the 19 August 1828
Thomas S. Stephens was Born the 29 October 1830
William R. Stevens was Born the 23 March 1834
Forman T. Stevens was Born the 11 of June 1836


John L.Stevens & Phebe Chambers were married the 2nd day of Nov 1811
Caleb Southard & Emily M. Stevens were married the 23 day of 1834
Ezekiel C. Stevens & Mary Ann Haley were married the 19 day of March1836
Burrows Hartman & Louiza Stevens were married the 24 March 1844


Ruth Stevens departed this life the 24 day of March 1814
Emily M. Southard departed this life the 2 January 1835