Swiggett Records

This record was published in the National Genealogical Society
, Vol 16, No. 1, March, 1928, p 6.


"Aaron and Nancy Swiggett Records
By Mrs. Charles R. Lee, Washington, D.C.

We have a sampler worked by a little girl, age 10, which gives the
following information:

Names and ages of children of Aaron & Nancy Swiggett who were
married June 30, 1808:

Sarah A. Swiggett was born May 25th A.D. 1809. Deceased Sept. 18th 1810.

William H. Swiggett was born December 15th 1810.

Emaline Swiggett was born April 8th A.D. 1813 and Deceased October 12th A.D. 1823.

Eliza Ann Swiggett was born March 29 A.D. 1815.

Charles R. Swiggett was born May 24th 1817 and Deceased Aug 23rd A.D. 1812. [sic TSC]

Cornelia Swiggett was born May 7th A. D. 1819.

Sarah Jane Swiggett was born July 28th A. D. 1821.

Levin Swiggett was born September 5th A. D. 1823.

Welcom Swiggett was born June 12th 1825 and Deceased June 30th A.D. 1825.

Aaron Swiggett was born January 22nd 1827.

Aaron Swiggett Deceased december 26 1826.
Eliza A. Swiggett's Work 1825.


William H. Swiggett m. Henrietta Maria Hurst of Md.

Eliza Ann Swiggett m. Major (not title) W. Allen of Sussex Co. Del.

Sarah Jane Swiggett m. Orlando Martin of Sussex Co. Del.

Levin Swiggett m. ........................in Indiana."