Thayer Bible

The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments,
Philadelphia, Kimber & Sharpless, undated. Has Concordance,
and engravings, and binding resembles 1820s Carey editions.
My guess is Hills #548, from 1826.

I have another Thayer Bible from this family, a later edition.

The Bible is in extremely good condition. The binding is original
and solid, although it has been stripped in stripes, giving it a
not-unsightly marbling look. The pages are all intact, including the
flyleafs. The pages have the heavy foxing common with the Bibles
from that era that used the thinner pulp paper. One of the most
solid and original examples I have seen.

Inside is a piece of paper signed Horace Thayer, upon which are
several verses to be written in autograph albums.

Transcribed by and in possession of Tracy St. Claire,


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[Page One -- Births]

Hannah Melifsa Thayer Born July 14, 1818.
Married Feb. 11, 1842

Asa Abert [Albert?] Thayer Born April 10, 1821,
On Tuesday. Married Nov. 2, 1843

Harriett P. Thayer Born December 8, 1823,
on Monday.

Merinda Jewell Thayer Born Born December 27,
1828, on Saturday.

Fidelia Ann Thayer Born December 24, 1835,
on Saturday.

[Page Two -- Deaths]

Hannah M. Smith Died December 23rd 1843 Ag 31

Harriet P. Near died Janary 23, 1854 Ag 30

Marinda J. Weeks Died December 6, 1856 Ag 28

Delia Thayer Died January 5 1866
Ag - sixty seven years one month & fifteen days

[Clippings -- Front Flyleaf]

Capt. Asa Thayer Book
Winchester, N.H.

WINCHESTER -- We are called upon to chronicle the death
of another of our excellent women, Mrs. Harriet W. Thayer, wife
of A. A. Thayer of Amherst, Mass., who departed this life on the
5th inst., aged fifty-six years. Mrs. Thayer was a native of Win-
chester, where she passed about two-thirds of her useful life,
or until the family moved to Hinsdale, in 1860, and from thense to
Amherst, in 1877. Her kindred for several generations have
resided in Winchester, hence her remains were brought here for
interment, and were followed to the cemetary by a large concourse
of relatives and former neighbors. Her demise was sudden, she
having been sick with pneumonia but a few days. The deceased
leaves a husband and two sons, also a large circle of acquaintances
and friends to mourn the loss of a prudent, dutiful wife, an
affectionate mother, and an ever true and unselfish friend; always
ready and willing to sacrifice herself for the good of others. Her
memory will long be revered by those who knew her best. S.

--A CARD -- To all who so kindly aided and deeply sympathized
with us in our late affliction, to loving friends who made the beautiful
floral offerings, to all who officiated in the last sad rites, and paid our
beloved son and brother such deep marks of respect, we hereby
tender our most sincere and heartfelt thanks.
Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Sears and Family

--The many friends of Mrs. Edward B. Sears will learn with deep
sorrow of her death on Friday, and her bereaved amily have the hearty
sympathy of the community in their deep affliction.

In this town, July 5, Hattie A., wife of Edward B. Sears, aged
38 yrs 7 mos.

In this town, April 7th, Horace Hawley, aged 77 years.

In this town, July 6, a daughter to Glenroy A., and Nettie Dickinson

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