Tourtellot Bible

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments,
Philadelphia, William Harding (Harding's Royal Edition),


This Bible is in excellent condition except for some significant
scuffing to the outside leather. It has seen little use, probably
because the giver and the recipient passed away within 10-15
years of its presentation. This Bible has been returned to

descendent Irene Titherington of North Carolina.

Transcribed by Tracy St. Claire.



[Page One -- Marriages]

Williams Tourtellot & Nancy Mason Sept. , AD 1826

Roger W. Tourtellot & Anna A. Angell March 14, AD 1846

Sarah A. Tourtellot & Ezra Read Oct. 20, AD 1851

Elizabeth Tourtellot & Amos W. Cooke May 31, AD 1852

Henry M. Tourtellot & Emily J. Hopkins Oct. 26, AD 1853

Almira Tourtellot & James C. Hopkins May 12, AD 1859

Alrada Tourtellot & Simeon C. Arnold July 6, AD 1862

Stephen Tourtellot & Janette Easton Oct. 3, AD 1867

Eliza A. Tourtellot & William Easton Aug. 13, AD 1868

Herbert F. Tourtellot & Cynthia Hopkins Decem. 19 AD 1867

James L. Tourtellot & Allie B. Hopkins Oct. 5, 1870

[Page Two -- Births]

Williams Tourtellot in Scituate R. I. July 12, AD 1801
Nancy M. Tourtellot " Killingly, Ct., Sept. 11, AD 1806

Children of Williams and Nancy Tourtellot who were all born in
Scituate, Rhode Island

Roger W. Tourtellot on Thursday, Jan. 3, AD 1828
Elizabeth Tourtellot on Sunday, Aug. 2nd AD 1829.
Sarah A. Tourtellot " Monday, Decem. 20, 1830.
Henry M. Tourtellot " Saturday, April 27, AD 1833.
Stephen Tourtellot " Sunday, July 12th, AD 1835.
Alrada Tourtellot " [no day] Oct. 6th, AD 1836
Almira Tourtellot " Sunday, Oct. 28, AD 1838.
Eliza A. Tourtellot " Monday, June 7th, AD 1841.
Herbert F. Tourtellot " Friday, Jan. 5, AD 1844.
James L. Tourtellot " Thursday, Aug. 19th, AD 1847.

[Page Three -- Deaths]

Williams Tourtellot in Scituate, Oct. 10 AD 1879.
Nancy M. Tourtellot in Providence July 9, 1887.

Children of Williams and Nancy Tourtellot

Roger W. Tourtellot at Sea, Decem 7th AD 1853
Elizabeth Tourtellot
Sarah A. Tourtellot in Auburn June [??] 21st 1909
Henry M. Tourtellot in Foster, July 29th, AD 1863
Stephen Tourtellot
Alrada Tourtellot
Almira Tourtellot
Eliza A. Tourtellot
Herbert F. Tourtellot
James L. Tourtellot

[Page Four -- Memoranda]


[Blank Page After Memoranda]

"This Book Was presented to Nancy M. Tourtellot
December 25th AD 1875 By Williams Tourtellot".